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Eyeshadow Tips

Simple Techniques For Pro Results A few eyeshadow tips  can help you wake up your makeup routine and get a look you love. Have you ever wondered why you can use the same recommended cosmetics you see in the magazines and still not get the right look? Do you sometimes feel like giving up on applying your eye makeup because two hours later it’s fading? Would you like to know if maybe there’s a secret to getting it right? Let me just tell you right off that all of these problems can be solved…the fixes are easy.

Applying Eyeshadow Tips

First, let’s talk about applying cosmetics. One of the main things that goes wrong when you apply eyeshadow, whether it’s matte eye color or a shimmer shadow, is that the surface of your eyelids are not smooth. The other problem is that your eyelids may be too oily. The solution is simple. Here’s the process to get it right:

    • Remove any traces of makeup with a makeup remover.
    • Take a drop of baby shampoo and dilute it in water. Take a washcloth, dunk it in the water and gently wipe your eyelids. There should be no traces of makeup left.
  • Pat your eyelids dry.

Tap on a a base. This can be either an eye makeup primer or an oil-free foundation.

If you follow just those three eyeshadow tips, you’ll be doing what makeup artists do. They prep the clients complexion including the eyes. They’ll use makeup removers.

The reason you use a makeup primer on your eyelids is that is smooths the surface and it makes the powder from the eyeshadow adhere better. That means long lasting makeup. So, you can solve two problems before you’ve even gotten started with the application.

Blending Eyeshadow Tips

Once you’ve prepared your eyelids to accept the makeup, then it becomes all about blending. Of course you want to choose the right eye makeup colors for the look you are creating:

Let’s say you’ve got a makeup palette that suits you, it’s pressed eyeshadow colors, and you’re ready to get going. You need to test the color out. Eyeshadow colors look different on different skintones. Some look darker in the palette and then once you put them on you can barely see them. Why? Eyeshadows come as:

High Definition Makeup  or Sheer Makeup The color it becomes on your skin is dependent on the formulation. That means you can use a similar color from

let’s say, L’Oreal HP which is high definition, and you’ll get a deeper color than a regular or sheer color from L’Oreal.

Turn Your Eyeshadows Into High Def Color

This is one of the best insider eyeshadow tips there is and reveals it – you can turn ordinary colors into deep high definition colors with a simple drop of water. Yes, it’s that easy. Here’s how to test it out:

Take a simple butter knife, like you eat with. It’s got serrated edges. Simply scrape a little of your eyeshadow off onto a little plate.

Using an eye makeup brush go back to your powered color, swipe the brush over the powder, then swipe on the side of your arm.

Next dip your brush into a drop of water, blot it slightly on a paper towel and swipe it across the shadow color you put on the plate. It should have just enough water so that it picks up the shadow. Now, swipe that next to the first color on your arm. See the difference?

Suddenly it has beautiful depth. That’s the trick, other than airbrush makeup, to getting color that actually looks like a color, rather than sheer.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Let’s say you want to do smokey eye makeup. You can apply your regular colors and then rev up the look for depth in the crease of your eye just by using those exact same colors…with water.

What you’ve done is created your own cheap makeup fixative. Great results that last.

You finish off a look by blending. There are a couple of ways to get a blended look, but by far the easiest is to use a separate brush for blending. Some makeup artists like to use a fan brush. This is one area where it’s best to experiment.

I find that the flat blush brushes you sometimes get in kits like the ones Estee Lauder does work perfect for finishing eye makeup looks. One very light swipe and the colors are blended. Try a flat brush and see if it works for you.

Best Eyeshadow Tip

This one is last, but certainly not least. Yes, you can use your fingers. Makeup artists do this all the time and there’s no reason you shouldn’t as long as you wash your hands before applying cosmetics. Fingers are perfect for blending and smudging.

These are simple eyeshadow tips that can be used to make a big difference in your look. Go sheer, go dark, or go wild. It’s all in how you apply your products.

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