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How To Do Graffiti

tips on how to do graffiti

Before going pro, you have to be good on basics. 'The structure is only as strong as its base'. So here is a starters tip on how to do graffiti.

Hi there my name is G, from the Graffiti Kings, we are based in London and we are going to talk you through some tips and techniques that will make you a bonafide skilled graffiti artist in no time at all. So let us get moving with the can. Okay, what is graffiti? How to do graffiti? Graffiti began in America in the late sixties to early seventies on subway trains.

It has now moved all the way through the world and encompasses things like extensive art with fancy. You have got street art where people are drawing characters with extended arms. Call it what you will, but this is traditional graffiti, this is

how to do it.

Take your can of paint, choose your surface. Traditional graffiti has always been so letter based, so here is the letter 'A', spray it for you very quickly. When producing graffiti, it is predominantly letter based.

So if you are from mars or from outer space, then you would not know what graffiti is, this is graffiti. Very letter based. This little technique that i am doing now, us called 'Drop shadow'.

That is how we create the impression, that the letter is slightly three dimensional on the wall. There you go, now it looks like it is standing out from the wall. You could add a couple of shake marks on the side, and what have we got? We have got a very funky traditional graffiti letterin in style.

The letter "A'. That is how you do graffiti.

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