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How To Strengthen Your Hair

Hair care has always been a relevant subject when it comes to grooming, especially with the ladies. In fact, market studies have shown that women (and some men) spend as much as 5% of their total monthly income ensuring that their hair is in perfect condition. While treatments such as hot oil, power dose, and coloring always bring about good results, hair strengthening proves to be much more important.

Listed below are 7 very simple but effective tips on how to strengthen hair and prevent the onset of hair loss.

1. Use Less Product on Your Hair

The adage less is more could not be more true in the case of hair care products. Such things as shampoo, conditioner, leave on oil, and many others can cause irreparable damage to the hair follicles so it is wise to use these products judiciously. Contrary to what manufacturers tell their consumers, there really is no need to use products on your hair every day. Most shampoos in the market have the tendency to strip it of its natural oils, which causes it to dry out and become brittle. The same effects can be expected from leave-on conditioners, especially those that are laced with strong chemicals (artificial fragrances are mostly the culprit) so be sure to use only a small amount when absolutely necessary.

Tip: You might want to shop around for natural haircare products, since they contain no (or at least a lot less) chemicals and harmful adulterants. There has been a sudden rise to popularity of natural and organic based shampoos and conditioners that are safer to use and better for the hair.

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2. Avoid Using/Applying Too Much Heat on Your Hair

Tools such as curling iron, hair straightener, and blow dryer, can cause breakage due to excessive heat. If you absolutely need to use any of these devices, be sure to limit the amount of heat (choose the

lowest settings and do not exceed 5 minutes) and the frequency of usage. Constant heat does not only damage hair but the scalp as well (which cause flaking), so it is best to steer clear of these devices and

stick to natural styling.

3. Apply Coconut Oil on Your Hair Twice a Week

This regimen has a dual purpose, as it does not only strengthen hair strands, but it also makes your locks shinier and more manageable. IN fact, if you are looking to spend less money on hair maintenance, coconut oil is a great way to do so. The natural lubrication provides nourishment to the hair, from roots to tips, so it is just like a hot oil treatment for a fraction of the cost. In addition, the nutrients present in coconut oil prevents hair loss, especially for women with brittle, sensitive, or damaged hair.

Tip: Apply the coconut oil on your hair and let it sit for 10-15 minutes, preferably while covered in cellophane or a shower cap. This will ensure that the oil seeps into the hair fibers and conditions the scalp thoroughly as well.

4. Get Your Locks Trimmed Every 2-3 Weeks

Some people might think this is overkill (and expensive to boot). However, getting your hair trimmed at least a few centimeters every few weeks will keep it healthier and less prone to breakage and split ends. Most people are anot aware that about 80% of the adult population lack nutrients that support heathy hair growth. As a result, long hair tend to be brittle, hence the need to cut off the ends before their split and become problematic. This way you can maintain a healthy head of hair and prevent problems

such as hair fall, split ends, and many others.

Tip: While it is ideal for you to get your trim from a professional hair cutter, you can also do it yourself as long as you have a pair of really sharp scissors and a fine tooth comb. Also make sure that you can get the cut straight, otherwise let the professionals handle it.

5. Use a Wide Toothed Comb When Brushing Wet Hair

Many people (mainly women) make the mistake of using a fine toothed comb when brushing their hair right after taking a shower. This is ill advised because it can cause the strands to break, especially if you used shampoo that caused the locks to tangle. A wide toothed comb carefully separates the strands without causing any damage at all so be sure to have at least two kinds of comb on your vanity.

On a related subject, you should also not over-brush your hair. The 100 strokes rule does not always apply to everyone, especially those who have sensitive hair.

6. Improve Your Dietary Habits

Just as the skin responds well to a well balanced diet, your hair can also benefit from an increased consumption of protein, vitamins, and minerals. You should cut back on animal fat and instead pack away more lean meat, green vegetables, organic eggs, and fruits. In addition, you might also want to take appropriate supplements such as Vitamins D and E.

Caring for your hair from within is a critical step towards achieving a stronger and healthier looking crowning glory.

Tip: Proper supplementation is highly recommended for men with a family history of male pattern baldness. Be sure to start before the early signs of hair loss even manifest because once they start, there is no stopping the process.

7. Make Your Own Hair Mask at Home

For thicker and stronger hair, there are a number of tricks you can use and most of them require very few ingredients that are readily available in your own kitchen. Here are some ideas for hair masks:


The natural oils in this fruit are highly effective in keeping the hair and scalp healthy. All you need is one whole avocado, with the meat lightly mashed. Apply it onto the hair, including the roots, and it let sit for at least 20 minutes prior to rinsing with lukewarm water.

Carrot Juice 

Using a juicer, extract carrot juice and place it in the fridge for a good 30 minutes to about an hour then apply directly to your hair. Beta carotene has been known to effectively strengthen hair strands and prevent hair loss.

Aloe Vera Extract

This regimen works best if you get the aloe extract fresh from the plant (as opposed to using bottled ones). Use as a mask and leave it to sit for at least 45 minutes before washing your hair.

All these tips and tricks barely cost anything at all and they are guaranteed to bring pleasant results for both men as well as women.

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