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How to Do Your Eye Makeup Correctly

How many of us spend hours looking at makeup tutorials on various websites? Or how many of us ask makeup related “how-what-when” questions to the beautician? Well, almost all of us who enjoy makeup! But do we really get all the answers? Rarely! Makeup enthusiasts would know that every part on the face has special makeup requirements, be it colour or brush strokes. But one area that really attracts all attention is the eyes. Even a single wrong stroke of eye makeup can let all your effort to look good go waste. But you need not worry! We have for you a step by step guide to make your eye makeup perfect. These tips will teach you how to accentuate your eyes like a professional and look like a diva in no time, so read on.

A good tip to remember before you start:

Light and shimmery colours highlight or “push forward” a feature by adding a ‘pop’ to it. On the other hand, dark colours “push back” your features by adding depth and dimension. This is an important point that should help you to decide where a certain colour should be placed while doing eye makeup. For example, if you don’t have a very prominent crease (no. 4 in the image below) you should apply a dark matte colour there to create an illusion of depth.

Do your eye makeup like a professional!

To make things simpler, we have divided the eye area into nine parts (see the image above) for you to understand eye makeup better. Each part plays a huge role in making the makeup look perfect. So, take a look.

In the inner corner of your eyes, use a colour that is lighter than your skin tone. The texture could be matte or shimmery. People who have close set eyes should strictly use a light colour in the inner corner as this would make their eyes seem farther apart. Don't miss these tips for Eye Makeup According to Your Eye Shape .

2. Mid Lid

For an easy application, you can use a single coloured eyeshadow all the way across the lid area. But use a lighter shade on the inner half of your lid or the mid lid, and a darker one on the outer half. This will add dimension to your eyes and make them appear larger.

When applying colour here, start at the outer corner of your eye and create a little 'V' shape, moving up and into your crease.

Applying a dark eyeshadow to your outer lid creates a smokey effect and adds depth to that area.

If you think coloured eye liners require a fortune to be spent on, you are wrong. Here is the Easiest Video Tutorial to Make Your Own Coloured Eyeliner at Home

If you look down into a mirror while keeping your head straight, the crease is the indentation right above your lid. Applying a colour here, adds dimension to the overall look you are going for. The colour can of course be chosen depending on your outfit and overall look.

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5. Lower Brow Bone

Directly above the crease is your brow bone. Any colour of eyeshadow can be used here, but using a the colour that is same as your skin tone allows your crease colours to blend better. Remember that any eyeshadow applied on the lid, crease and brow bone should look like different shades of the same colour. To achieve this, you can use a fluffy dome shaped brush to blend the colours.

6. Brow Bone or Highlight Area

The area just below your brow is the brow bone. You can use any light-coloured eyeshadow, preferably gold or silver that you feel works best for the look you are trying to achieve.

7. Waterline

This is the area inside the eye where you apply kajal. To make your eyes look brighter, wear a white or very light-coloured cream-based eyeliner. To achieve a smokey eye look, apply kajal in the waterline area and smudge it just below your lower lash-line with a pencil brush.

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8. Lower Lash-line

This is the lower portion of your eye where the lashes begin. You can wear thick coats of liner or eye pencil here to accentuate your smokey look.

9. Inner Corner of Lower Lash-Line

This is the place where you can apply a light shimmery eyeshadow. It would add a lovely pop to the eyes making them appear larger. This is a great tip for women who have small eyes.

Now that you know the different parts of your eyes and how you can define them the best, it is time to flutter them and grab all eyes.

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