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Tips on how to draw

tips on how to draw

Actually a great presentation trick is to scan in your images, touch up the lines with Photoshop, and present them in a collage. Such a presentation strategy makes average sketches look good, and good sketches look GREAT!

9) Draw small, but show it big.

If you have still a tough time sketching from your elbow or shoulder and if your line control is still not the best, what I suggest is to draw a thumbnail and blow it up on a photocopier or scanner. This way you would have an underlay to redraw your sketch with the same look and feel but with thinner lines.

10) Use layouts created from 2D or 3D software.

Talking about the use of an underlay, use this time tested trick to create your sketches with a correct perspective, or for you to create a 2D orthographic sketch in proportion.

Edit: One more thanks to sammyb

11) Draw with a pen.

From what I’ve been told, sketching with a pen, instead of a pencil, is really about losing the ability to erase your lines, or erasing your mistakes.

The idea here is that drawing with a pen forces you to think before your draw, and as you cannot erase

your work, and you will then draw with a determined solution in mind. In other words, drawing with a pen trains your mind to think the design solution through before you actually put it on paper. It will make you a much better designer.

The other reason is that, you stop being precious with your sketches and drawings, i.e. you draw and if it does not look good, you don’t get to erase and draw over, but you throw your drawings away and start fresh. This re-setting and starting from scratch seems to help make you a better designer, so the say!

There you go, 11 great tips to get you out of the stable with a flying start. However at the end of the day, all these 11 points will all come to naught if you don’t practice Practice and PRACTICE! So do hang in there as the pain will not last forever. Sketching and drawing is like riding a bike, once you get it you will never forget it.

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