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Tips on how to Draw Cars


One thing I love to do is draw. Its something I recently picked back up after a long layoff. There are always tricks on how to draw anything. Here I want to share with you how I draw cars.

1. Gather your materials. Use paper, pencil, marker, crayons, wacom tablet, etc. It's all your choice.

2. Once you have your materials, it time to draw the basic outline of the car. To start, I use common shapes to outline how I want my cars to look. Make a large rectangle and a trapezoid to join together for the base of the car. Within the trapezoid, I draw a half circle to represent my windows. At the bottom of the large rectangle, I draw a second smaller but longer rectangle to add detail to the bottom of the car.

3. Then I draw two circles to make a wheel. Plus,

I draw two more circles to make another wheel.

4. Next, I add more shapes for the details of the car. I add squares for the front and back headlights. Then, I draw a rectangle for the handle of the car. Finally, I draw another square for the gas tank of the car.

5. Now, its all about the details. You can draw every possible detail that you want inside the outline of the car. (Check out my picture above for more guidance.)

6. Once you are done, remove the lines. Color and shade the car(s) if you like.

7. Voila, you have a car you have drawn by hand or on the computer. Now use the same outline to draw as many cars as you like.

You can use these tips to draw many things besides cars. All you need is an outline to help.

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