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Tips on How to Draw Cartoon Characters

tips on how to draw cartoons

The best way to learn how to draw cartoon characters is to get guidance from an expert. With professional help you would become a master in a short amount of time. It is wise to enroll in a school for the best classes. There are many institutions that charge you fairly for professional guidance. You should find a technique that you like and concentrate on it.

Do not try to learn everything at once. Start with simple concepts and methods. It is advisable to spend a lot of time drawing as practice makes perfect. Follow the tips that the experts give you and within not time you will become a pro yourself. You could choose to fast track your learning to get over with it in a short time.

Almost anyone can craft a caricature. Only people who have skill could make their work standout. To become skilled you need to invest time and train well. There are guidelines that you can follow to be successful. The first thing you should do is to learn how to be very observant. Before you can begin it is important to investigate what you want to draw.

When you are an armature you are allowed to have figures with primitive shapes. However, to be a pro you have to represent your subject as it appears. You have to be very observant to perfect this art. Consider it very essential to have a good understanding of the subject. Look at all the features carefully before you start drawing. The eyes, noses, mouths and ears are some of

the features that you need to explore. Note the length of the hair and different shapes.

The features should help you to render your theme. The next step includes exaggeration. Features that are noticeable must be amplified with boldness. A caricature is memorable and funny when it is exaggerated. You need to make sure that you maintain simplicity when drawing cartoons.

Stroke heaviness is very important. Make sure some features and points are magnified. Shade different areas using varying styles. This gives a sense of depth to the caricatures. Be careful when doing the coloring and shading because it can either ruin your work or make it brilliant. It is also very important to make the faces expressive. The eyes give away the personality. You can show suspicion, nervousness, confidence or fright through the eyes.

Learn from your errors and remember to celebrate your success. Regardless of how noticeable your progress is you should learn to appreciate your work. If you stop enjoying your artwork chances are that you will cease to be creative. You can always take a break when you feel tired. Engage in activities that are relieving then get back to your drawings.

It is easy to learn how to draw cartoon characters. When you master the art it becomes fulfilling and fun. This profession is highly regarded and you can create a good living out of it. It is very profitable and the cost of starting up is little. All you need are pens, pencils and pads. If you research well you should find decent schools to get lessons.

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