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How to Dunk a Basketball

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If you are a basketball enthusiast, knowing how to dunk a basketball is one of the fundamental things to be had in your kitty of basketball skills. Dribbling the words in the article below will tell you more about the slam dunk.

If there is anything as athletic as it can get in the field of sports, it is the slam dunk, or just the dunk in basketball. That is absolutely athleticism personified. The sight of the player leaping in the air and putting the ball in the basket in utter disdain is totally breathtaking! Of course you would have swashbuckling slam dunking!

Learn to Dunk a Basketball

# 1 For starters, if you have big hands, then great, as then you can use one hand. Otherwise, do the two-handed dunk. However, if you have big palms, it is easier and ideal to palm the ball while dunking.

# 2 You have to work on your jump. Your height even if it is 6 feet 6 inches would be futile if you cannot be a good jumper. Thus, you should be able to know how to jump in connection with scoring a basket.

# 3 Palming or using both the hands; you have to decide that. After you do that, dribble towards the basket with good speed. Dribbling is maneuvering the ball away from the opponents to the goal or the basket. If you do not dribble with speed, your opponents can take the ball away from you and then you would have no ball to dunk. Training to dunk a basketball therefore has to include a lot of dribbling.

# 4 Now, as you are going ahead dribbling, closer to the basket, pick the ball around 10 to 12 feet from the basket. You would follow that by taking the stipulated couple of steps. After that you have to palm the ball (in one hand) or hold the ball firmly in both the hands.

# 5 As you take the second step towards the basket and the rim, push up, and jump as high as you can. Then, extend your arm having the ball in

the direction of the rim and slam through the basket. In case you are using both the hands, bring the ball behind your head. It will surely get you some well deserved points for your style quotient! Here, while jumping, you may find pivoting the jump off a single foot easier than both the feet. For some, it could be the other way round. You need to see what helps you jump higher.

Dunking a basketball is not a big deal for those who have the requisite height. What about those who are short? Well, here is what they could do - no space for despair dudes!

Tips for Short People for Dunking a Basketball
  • To begin with, you could start off with an adjustable height basket. Once you get the hang of dunking, you could increase the height.
  • Work on your lower body muscles. This applies to taller players as well, but it is especially important for short players to strengthen their lower body muscles as that is where the power in the jump is going to come from.
  • Strengthening your toes is extremely important. As, being short, often, you would have to depend on your toes to help you reach the basket. Exercises to dunk a basketball for toes include curling and uncurling your toes and pushing up on your toes, holding for a minimum 10 seconds.
  • Dunking is eventually dependent on technique and to imbibe that technique, you might need to go to a coach.
  • A good coach will know your needs better and will have loads of experience and practical knowledge. Thus, he will advise you aptly on the correct training regime.
  • With proper training and perseverance, your vertical can be greatly increased.
At the end of the day, you need patience, grit and gumption to get that perfect dunk. But isn't it important to give it your best shot?

I sign off by adding what Earvin 'Magic' Johnson once quoted - Magic is who I am on the basketball court. Earvin is who I am. So, are you ready to create some magic?

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