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Tips on how to eat healthy

tips on how to eat healthy


Best Answer: Congrats on starting to work out! You will feel so energized from it! But, in order to get that super tight body, your diet is very important. I wouldn't recommend eating only 3 meals per day. Your body burns fat better when your metabolism is higher. The way to get your metabolism up and your body burning fat more efficiently is by eating more. The best diet to thin down and shape up is to eat 6 small meals a day. Lets say you wake up at 7am. Your schedule would look like this:




Snack:3pm (1500)

Dinner:6pm (1800)

Snack:9pm (2100)

The first 2 weeks you will feel over stuffed but after that you will be ready to eat every two to three hours. What this does is trains your body into digesting food faster so it can prepare itself for the next meal. By digesting the food quicker, you body doesn't have time to turn it into fat and your metabolism increases, which helps you burn more calories throughout the day and while working out. But you can't eat 6 meals at McDonald's. You need to eat lean proteins and lots of vegetables and fruit, and a little bit of carbs for energy. Here is a sample menu:

Breakfast: 3 egg whites, 2 slices of wheat toast, and a small apple

Snack:Half of a cantaloupe and one serving of greek yogurt

Lunch: Grilled salmon, sauteed asparagus, and a small baked potato (no sour cream)

Snack: Medium apple, banana, and greek yogurt

Dinner: Grilled, skinless chicken breast, broccoli and one portion of brown rice

Snack: Cottage cheese with blueberries

All these foods are designed to keep you feeling full and cleanse your system, which

will help you drop a healthy amount of weight in a flash! You will see the most noticeable difference in your stomach and you feel like you have more energy! Also, limit you carbonated beverage intake to one at dinner and limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol is nothing but empty calories, usually made from sugar cane that makes you bloat and gain belly fat because in order to process alcohol, your body stops digesting food and that food then turns to sugar and the sugar turns to fat. If you absolutely need a drink, stick with Bacardi light and club soda or vodka and club soda. DRINK TONS OF WATER.

Also, don't try to be perfect on the diet. If you do this 7 days a week, your baody will just plateau. Pick one day a week and make that one day you guilty pleasure day. Eat whatever you want! This will throw your body into shock and make it work that much harder when you go back to eating healthy the next day. And in the couple of weeks it takes to get used to eating healthier, by the time our free day comes around, you won't even be craving a large pizza to yourself ;-)

As far as exercise goes, I suggest circuit training and interval training. Both are designed to up the heart rate and burn a maximum amount of calories b/c you are quickly moving from one exercise to another in the circuit and in intervals you are bringing your heart rate up and down repeatedly, which is a calorie & fat scorcher! One of my favorite at home workouts is the Kiss My Tight Butt workout on youtube. Well, I hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! (Sorry for the lengthy response)

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