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Need to ejaculate quicker


Apr 16, 2008

1st off are you in a relationship?

Do you ever think about hot stuff you know she's done or Imagine her doing?

or yourself doing?

I believe alot of that is in the mind.

I also seem to suffer from this most of the time.

My girl does really turn me on & its getting a little faster now days than before.

I find sometimes having to fantasize about stuff during sex.

or asking her hot questons to tell me about.

& then later, next time we're at it, remembering what she's told me. about it all.

Every now & then she starts to tell me some good hot stuff about her past & I tell her "No no no. Save it for later when we're in bed.

Lucky for me she's got lots of sluty storys for me to hear from her youth. )


know that in time she'll run out of storys.

But then you create your own hot memories to think about.

Like we went to a movie a few months back & she gave me head ( in the back row ) for about a minute.

& when ever I need to hurry up I remeber that.

I mean your problem might be all physical.

But I think mine might be too much porn.

1st my body is spoiled to my own hand.

I mean nobody knows what your unit wants at any givin time more than you do & so you do it just then.

She dont.

& because of the Porn, especially Internet porn!

I'm use to finding all sorts of sorts clips of exciting stuff that has my mind constantly stimulated as well as my Manhood.

Just some food for thought..

& by the way I'm 41 yrs old.

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