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Tips on how to finger myself

tips on how to finger myself


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ZAK May 12 2011 3:12pm FLAG take it slow. and dont just stay with fingering move to other objects. like sharpies (markers), the bottom part is small and smooth, its good for begginers then move to bigger things, just make sure everythings lubed, saliva isnt the best but it will work pretty good. and once your ready you can move onto the holy grail (d*cks), well thats the advice i got. hope u liked it.

dude May 12 2011 9:38pm FLAG Ty dude & ZAK Ived try sharpies and I didn't really feel anything but I am talking to this cute guy but I have another question what if me &him want to have $3x would it like hurt the first time if i don't use lube or a condom??

Flamerr<33 May 12 2011 11:33pm FLAG put a rod up there at least u dnt have to smell it later

girl May 13 2011 11:34am FLAG No? no? no? this is mentally unhealthy? enjoy the HIV

ZAK May 13 2011 4:38pm FLAG seriousle ZAK is there something you DONT comment on.

that one girl May 19 2011 8:55pm FLAG Sorry zack I hate u but this is the one thing I agree with u on

fags May 20 2011 9:00pm FLAG call me i will show real c*ck 8050218942 or 72591898iam from bangalore

ooooooo May 26 2011 8:44am FLAG im yrs old and i am gay as well my cousins want to try to finger me? would it hurt and if i want to try and finger myself when im home alone what kind of things can i use? my cousins said that they would like to f**k me. i would love it if that happened but im afraid it would tickle too much Jul 16 2011 7:36pm FLAG Just stick ur finger in ur bum

Gay Jul 26 2011 6:07am FLAG Just stick ur finger in ur bum

Gay Jul 26 2011 6:09am FLAG This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Caleb A Feb 16 2012 10:48pm FLAG i am bio and 18 my girlfrend was fingered by a guy so i woped him and

ive alwasy wondered how to do that

. May 21 2012 9:47pm FLAG you caleb A

kiwi knight Jun 21 2012 9:53pm FLAG watch gay ***

c*cksucker Jul 05 2012 7:19pm FLAG I'm and I have only done 2 fingers but it feels so good As for the cousin thing mine almost did that to me when I was and my step brother ed me at 7 I hated it but it was so good at the same time. many guys of come on to me not as sexualy just flirt I'm still tight so I call myself a virgin (even though I'm not :(sad) but I can't get these events out of my head I really want to find a good guy to love and care for me.

:( sorrowful joy Jul 26 2012 9:36pm FLAG Wtf. Your cousins.

jesseeee Nov 14 2012 9:33pm FLAG Hi im and i was wondering the same you, where in last year- however i met someone. The guy was older but knew what he was doing so im very lucky. he taught me everything i know today:) first of all fingering yourself dose'nt hurt most of the time- however there is something you should know. There is this bit inside the anus on the side closest to your back that can hurt (a lot) if its stretched. So be careful with that! But when it comes to sex, there is something i do which is strain myself (as if i was going to the loo) whilst your getting penetrated- it works every time and you get a lot of pleasure out of it- use a lot of lube and make sure both your ass and his d*ck is lubed well. where a condom (its easier) and just relax:) Hope this helps!

Plymouth guy! Dec 20 2012 3:02pm FLAG I've tryed Sharpie and it doesn't work please help

lololol d*ck Feb 21 2013 2:44pm FLAG It doesn't feel good but I want I to

Anonymous Feb 22 2013 2:53pm FLAG Ive used lots of things but my ass is way to sensitive, i okly have saliva or eczema cream for lube

Tom Mar 27 2013 10:35am FLAG If anyone's looking for a guy friend Kik me

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