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Tips on how to flirt with a boy

tips on how to flirt with a boy



Don't change the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you walk, etc. He will like you for who you are. And if he doesn't then that is his problem.

F- is for flatter. The fastest way to a persons heart is by complimenting them. Find something you really like about that person, there hair, the way they act ect. and compliment them on it. make sure you find multiple things you like and compliment away. don't use stupid compliments like oh your eyes are pretty when there really not. make it sincere.

L- is for listen. People love when you listen to them, it shows that you are really interested in that person and really care what they are talking about. Besides the biggest aphrodisiac is listning.

I- is for interests. Find things you have in commen with that person, don't find to many

it will just freak them out and make it like your stalking them just find a couple of things in commen. like what kinds of music you like, movies, ect.

R- is for responible. Don't lie, don't send mixed messages, be straight up. Guys are completly confused about girls so don't try and confuse them more than what they already lie. Don't choose inapropriate flirting partners such as your friends boyfriend/girlfriend. Don't make it where flirting will hurt anyone.

T- is for trusting yourself. Trust yourself, be confident, bold, and daring. Trust yourself that you will come out knowing that even if you didn't get the guy/girl that you wanted you can always be nice and friendly to that person.

S- is for smile. BODY LANGUAGE,BODY LANGUAGE,AND BODY LANGUAGE, can i stress it anymore? Smile, it will show the person that you are friendly and nice. If you smile, you might get one back =D.

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