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Tips on how to forget your ex

tips on how to forget your ex

Ex-boyfriends and Ex-girlfriends. I texted my ex and he told me to leave him alone or he'll change his number. He was "in love," and I didn't do anything wrong. Why is he so cruel?


Here are some useful tips-

1. First things first. Stop acting like your ex was God’s gift to men. She wasn't perfect. If we’re being honest, she probably wasn't even close. Make a list of her annoying traits whatever you have to do -- just take her off that pedestal.

2. Don't Contact Her : Unfriend her on Facebook. Delete all her messages. Dispose off all the gifts she might have given you(if any). Burn that overly romantic appearing card she sent you. If she doesn't need you, you sure don't need any of her reminder either. After you’ve gotten closer, don’t contact her. Go cold turkey. Seriously. This may appear terribly cruel, but this is the best for you. Maybe you said some crap about trying to stay friends, maybe you made some idiot vow to “always be there for each other,” but forget it. By staying in touch with your ex, you’re asking for months (if not years) of on-again-off-again uncertainty. So, throw out her phone number, stop texting her and unfriend her on Facebook. Imagine how freaked out you'll be the first time you see some strange dude in her profile picture, and you'll see why a clean break is essential.

3. Work Out : Now that you’re single, I

suggest hitting the gym or taking a jog. It’s a healthy way to work out all of that post-breakup frustration. Getting in shape is also a good way to boost your self-esteem .

4. Hang Out With Your Friends. One of the things you had to sacrifice when in a committed relationship was time with your friends. Have fun with your friends, go watch a movie, a road trip,play FIFA, CS all night long. Enjoy your new self.

5. Remember The Bad Times: Remember how she avoided you. How she had the time to go out with her friends for late night parties or to trips, but lacked 10 minutes for a phone call to your number. Recall how miserable you felt at being the mercy of someone's attention. That guy who keeps putting his cover photo with your "girlfriend". Remember how cold she reacted when you said you are coming to visit her in her city. Remember you told her friend (guy) that you were together and she calls you up saying not to disclose your relationship to anyone. You don't need that. You don't need someone in your life who doesn't want to be there.

Forgive but never forget. Here's a lesson life teaches-

That people will leave you. Often without any reason.

That you will leave people.

That one moment it will be so real but will soon be a distant memory.

That memories will fade.

That life will go on. Without apologizing.

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