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The Best Tips on How to Gain Muscle

tips on how to gain muscle

How to Gain Muscle

Studies have shown that muscles which are not used often get smaller or weaker and those that are used most get stronger each time. For muscles to develop well, they require a steady supply of nutrients and oxygen. There are various modalities, sports and exercises that will pump blood into your muscles making them grow bigger. Here are some of the best ways to gain muscle :

  1. Know the Number of Calories You Need: The calories you need depend on how active your lifestyle is, your age, current weight and gender. Get your current weight in pounds and multiply it by 20. For instance, if you weigh 130 pounds, that is 130 x 20=2600 calorie daily. You might be shocked especially if you do not eat much in a day.
  2. To Jump-start your Muscle Building Process, Exercise Big Muscle Groups: Training in big muscle groups jump-starts the muscle building process and leads to bigger and faster muscle gains. You should involve the muscle groups once a week. The back, chest and the leg muscles form the largest muscle groups.
  3. Lift Progressively: When your muscles are used to heavy load, you may shock it by changing into a lighter load. For example, if the first week of your training you used 100 pounds on the bench press, add 10 pounds for the next week. On the following week add 10 pounds more and so on.
  4. Alter Your Exercise Routine. If you are training two

    body parts three times a day, try to work on one body part per day in six days. If you are doing biceps and chest on Mondays and triceps and back on Wednesdays, make it triceps and chest then biceps and back. This will put extra stress on common muscle groups (triceps and biceps) and it will force the body to develop more muscle fibers.

  5. Do Partial Lifts: Instead of lifting 3 sets at once, on the first set, do a third of the same, two thirds on the next and full lifts in the last one. You can also reverse the load progression. For instance, you can lift more weight on the first set and less on the second and third progressively.
  6. Use Supplements: Although supplements are not meant to be the only source of nutrients, they help to fill the nutritional gaps. They help when you do not get sufficient nutrients in your diet and coax your body to produce more muscles. Some of well known supplements available in the market include Casein protein, Whey protein powder, Creatine. Glutamine and Branched-Chain Acids (BCAAS).

It takes time to build muscles that look good and to achieve this,you have to opt for the best way to gain muscle. On average, you should anticipate a gain of only 5-10 pounds of muscle per year even if you are doing everything right. By sticking to the above ways, you will definitely gain long lasting and good muscles in shortest time possible.

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