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The Secret Guide On How To Get A Girl To Like You In 2013

It’s an age-old question that will never cease to be asked, “How do I get a girl to like me?” Guys at some point in their lives always ask this question and for good reason. Women are sometimes hard to figure out and unless you have tons of experience  (trials and errors) with them, then you’re left in the dark as to how to appease them.

Figuring out how to attract girls comes down to a variety of things. Not every girl is created equal, so you will have to use your better judgment for which tips would work best for that specific gal. Over time, you will get better at reading women and learning how to turn the tides in your favor.

Avoid Falling Into the Friend Zone

It’s a lot easier to fall into the friend zone than it is to get her to like you as a lover. If you’re not careful, you could end up having a long list of girlfriends who call you up and complain about the loves in their lives. To avoid this, you should show her that you have your eye on that you are not clingy.

Show her that you have your own life. yet still give her enough attention to know that she is a part of it. Guys who show insecurity, neediness and lack of confidence are quickly excluded from the potential boyfriend list.

Some guys also make the mistake of trying to make a woman comfortable, when what they should be doing is building attraction. When woman gets comfortable, she gets really comfortable and this could make her view you as a friend. Before you aim to make her comfortable around you, she first has to be attracted to you.

Building Attraction Between You and The Girl

You’re already attracted to her, so the goal now is to make her view you in the same light. In order to build attraction, you will need to do so on all levels. Personal grooming is a no-brainer. Make sure that your hair and facial hair are shaped up and smelling good (nothing’s worse than smelly facial hair)  and make sure that you’re wearing something that is comfortable, yet fashionable. If you are taking her out on a date, make sure to dress appropriately, meaning don’t overdress or under-dress.

Don’t think too much about trying to attract her or it will show and it will turn her off. It should come naturally, so just try to have fun and stay relaxed. Women like when guys seem loose because it makes them feel relaxed (first dates are uncomfortable for both parties, no matter how good she looks!).

Be sure to watch this video about getting girls attracted to you:

Other than the visual, aromas can be used to entice her. Don’t overwhelm your body with colognes Try to find something that isn’t too heavy, like essential oils and body washes. Don’t overlook the shampoo and hair products that you use, make sure that they smell nice and aren’t too overwhelming.

Keep Your Body Toned

Women don’t like guys who look out of shape. Not only is it unattractive, but it also makes you seem like you can’t protect them. No matter how independent a woman may seem, she wants a man that she feels secure with. If you are flabby and overweight, this will only make you look bad on multiple levels. You don’t have to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you should try to keep your body looking tight. Hit the gym once or twice or week, or if you have your own personal gym, even better. A toned body will attract her to you more because this is linked to sexual desires.

Talk to Her

The only way that you can get the attention of any girl, you’re going to have to speak to her. Now that you’ve groomed yourself and gotten your confidence up in your visual aspects, you can approach the one you’re attracted to and get her attention. This is a scary step, but it has to be taken if you want any chance of making her like you. If this is your first time talking to her, then you will want to find out as much as you can about her. Your conversation should be a two-way street, so don’t over talk her and don’t be too quiet – both are signs that you aren’t that interested. When you talk too much about yourself or ramble on, it’s saying that you don’t want to hear what she has to say. Then when you are too quiet, it seems you are off in another world or don’t have much personality – two turnoffs.

Here are a few tips for starting and engaging in a conversation  with an attractive girl:

  • Ask questions about her likes, dislikes and hobbies: since the two of you are first meeting, you will need to learn all you can about her, so that you can generate topics that she would enjoy conversing about. For instance, if you find out that she is an animal lover and owns a dog, you can talk about pets and maybe even ask her and her dog out to the park for a walk.
  • Find out her opinions of current events: this can be important news, fashion, trends, music, movies, etc.
  • Talk about her childhood: you can ask about where she grew up and what her childhood was like. People sometimes like to talk about this, unless they’ve had a bad childhood.
  • Bring up your own life stories that are meaningful, interesting and/or funny.
  • Focus on talking about things the two of you have in common: this can be found out while asking questions and listening to her talk.

The topics that you should avoid talking about when you first meet are:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Family issues
  • Health problems
  • Sex

These topics can mistakenly lead you into saying something that is offensive and ruin all of your chances of getting a date. These are all important topics, but save that after a couple of dates when things start to get more serious. Try to keep things light and airy for now.

Some questions that you could ask include:

  • Do you play sports?
  • What books do you like to read?
  • What do you do for fun?
  • What music do you listen to?
  • What movies do you like to watch?
  • What’s your favorite pastime?
  • Do you have siblings?
  • Where did you grow up?
  • Have you ever traveled abroad or plan to?
  • What was your first job, your best job or your worst job?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?

Stay along the lines of these questions  and they should surely open the doorway to some good topics that the two of you can talk about.

You should avoid talking about problems in your life or any negative situations that you have been in. This is too heavy for a first conversation and may make her feel uncomfortable. These conversations are for people who are closer to you and have feelings for you already. She may not know what to do or say if you bring up certain topics that are problematic.

Isnt this one funny. State your opinion in comments.

Also, don’t try to fill in every space of silence the two of you have. You don’t want to appear to be a rambler or jabber mouth. Allow the nice moments of silence to allow yourself and her to think about what was just said. It will also help the two of you extend the conversation to the next level or topic. If you really want to move it along, you can start asking her hypothetical questions.  Not only will this give you a chance to probe her brain, but it will also give her an idea of how your brain works as well.

Here are some questions that you could possibly ask:

  • If you could only own 10 items, what would you choose?
  • Would you rather be rich, famous or influential?
  • If you were only allowed to eat five foods and drinks from here on out, what would they be? (Use this question to help you choose what restaurants to take her to).
  • What time of your life would you consider to be the best and why?
  • If you won $1 million, what would you do with it?
  • Could you live life without technology?
  • Where is the ultimate place you’d like to travel to?
  • Choose five people from today or in history that you would invite over to have an intimate conversation with.
  • Who is your favorite super hero and why?
  • If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
  • What would you do if you had the power to turn invisible?
  • If your house caught fire, what would you attempt to grab?

The questions you ask can be fun, somewhat serious or thought-provoking. Try to think up your own, but try not to make them too intimate.

Pay Close Attention

The conversations you have with the girl you’re interested in should be an education experience. Take notes

in your brain and if you have to, write them down after you are alone. Or if you’re on the phone, you can take note without her knowing. Some of the things that you should take note of include:

  • What she likes and dislikes
  • Where she enjoys eating and dishes that she likes
  • Where she is from
  • If she owns pets or would like to
  • When her birthday is

“If you can show that you remember certain details about the conversations the two of you had. it will surprise her and make her feel truly special.”

Most of the time, these things go in one ear and out the other. Prove to her that you have taken a deep interest in what she enjoys by bringing them up or using it to buy gifts, take her out or surprise her in another fashion.

When conversing, look her in the eyes, nod and give facial expressions that match the mood. You should actively listen as well, by making small comments and interjecting your own opinions and stories when she’s done. Showing that you are intently listening will make her continue talking because you seem very interested. Listening is very important because it will show that you care and it will help you to gather important information about the woman  of your dreams. So use this to your advantage! Just remember that if you do have different opinions about a topic, that you say them in a gentle, non-offensive way.

Another great video about getting a woman to like you, be sure to watch it:

Knowing when the conversation is over is important. Don’t try to keep things going for too long, especially if the two of you have already been talking for over an hour. Save something to talk about later on when the two of you meet again or chat elsewhere.

Get Her Phone Number

After having a good conversation, try asking for her phone number, so that the two of you can continue chatting. One good way to ask is that right after a good topic, pretend you have somewhere to be – look at your watch or a clock on the wall and give her an apologetic look and tell her you have to run but would love to continue chatting with her.

Then ask her for her number. You can also write your number down for her to contact you. Whatever you do, don’t leave without at least trying to get her phone number. This will show that you are truly interested in talking to her. If you shy away from asking for her digits, it will make you seem like you are uninterested or lacking confidence. You can also ask for her email address, instant messenger ID and Facebook name, depending on where she hangs out the most online. Make sure to divulge your information to her as well.

Never Let Your Confidence Down

No matter how nervous you are, never let your confidence dwindle before her eyes. Confidence is the key to attraction and if you can’t show that, you’ll quickly lose her interest. When a man is confident in what he says, what he thinks, what he does and how he does it, it makes her feel more confident in you as well. By showing uncertainties, it will make her second guess you as a man. It’s important that you not overdo the confidence thing because it could make you seem cocky. There is a different between the two.

Your confidence should only showcase that you know who you are and what you want. It shouldn’t make her feel like she is being attacked. Never assume that she is into you until she says she is. This will only make you look conceited and that is a turnoff. You can be confident and still unsure of where she is with you. But don’t make yourself seem to worrisome about what she thinks. You can reveal your confidence by answering questions solidly and looking her in the eyes when you speak.

Taking Things to the Next Level

Check this video out, great tips for ya:

Whenever you are around her, make sure to flirt with her. This will keep you out of the friend zone because it shows her that you are attracted to her as more than a friend. You can flirt by making eye contact and giving her a warm smile. Casual, flirtatious conversations can be made when the two of you are alone or close to one another in a room. Pay attention to how she reacts to your comments. What you say shouldn’t be too much, just compliment her on how nice she looks or even a non-sexual body part like her legs and arms if she noticeably works out. If you see that she smiles and shies her eyes away from you, then this is a sign that your flirts are working.

Flirting can be scary, especially when you don’t know how she will react. The key is to not think of it too much because you will only scare yourself out of doing it. Small mistakes happen all the time and in most cases they get overlooked and forgotten. so don’t fret about saying the wrong thing or saying a bad joke. Stay calm, cool and collected at all times. It’s likely that she will be nervous as well. Just try not to be too forward or offensive when you make your flirtatious comments.

Give Her Compliments

Girls love to be complimented, so look for opportunities to do so. You can give her compliments about what she’s wearing or something that she did. Try to make the compliment non-generic and more unique. Women like to feel distinct, so try to find something about her that stands out, like noticing a small feature that is attractive on her face.

Now, you don’t want to overdo your compliments.  Refrain from telling her she is beautiful too often because it will quickly lose its meaning. You can focus on pointing out things about her personality – this will show that you are paying attention to what’s inside and not just on the outside. You don’t want to seem like a shallow guy.

Give Her Something to be Impressed About

As mentioned, every girl is different, so you will have to assess the target in question. One of the best ways for how to make her like you is to impress her. Don’t boast too much, but give small snippets of achievements you’ve accomplished or future goals that may be impressive, like helping a community or traveling abroad to study a culture. Don’t forget to bring your confidence along with you, but check your cockiness at the door.

Touch Her Without Being Sleazy

There are a couple of ways that you can touch girls without seeming like a sleaze ball. Of course, you want to avoid sensual areas like the breasts, buttocks and thighs. Instead, you should focus on her hands, arms and shoulders. Of course, you don’t want to do this the very first day that you meet her, but as conversations continue on and you meet with her a couple of times, you can advance to this level. Read her to make sure that she would be comfortable with you touching her. If she smiles at you a lot and sits or stands close to you, then she may not mind that barrier being crossed.

Test the Waters by Throwing Bait

To see if she is starting to like you back, you can try hinting around how she feels about you. Say small jokes that have a double meaning and see if she smiles or gives a total look of disagreement. This should be done after a mutual attraction is felt. Be light and playful when you make jokes and suggestions.

Don’t Rush Things

The worst thing you could do is rush things along before they’re ready. This will make you seem like you’re pushy or needy. Nice girls take a while to develop certain feelings about a guy, so give her time to adjust to you and to see if she wants to take it there with you. Make her feel relaxed and like she is in control. She will remember this if and when the two of you get into a relationship.When and if this happens, you should allow her to keep her comfortable and in control.

Ask Her on a Date

By this time, you should know if she is interested in you or not. She is likely waiting for you to ask her, so do it! Invite her to dinner, a show, a park or anywhere that you think she would enjoy. During your first date, make sure that she feels like the center of your world. This is the time to get more intimate with your conversations, but not too heavy. You can make her feel comfortable and special by:

  • Confiding in her
  • Being yourself
  • Being genuinely romantic

Show her chivalry isn’t dead and bring her her favorite treats and flowers. If it’s chilly out, give her your jacket and don’t forget to open doors!

Further awesome resources about getting girls attracted to you:

Please let us know what you think and share your tips in the comment section below.

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