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How To Make Girl Horny

tips on how to get a guy horny

One of the most important lessons any guy should learn is how to make a girl horny. Females are sometimes harder to arouse than men and guys can't assume that because they want to get their rocks off that their girlfriend will be like-minded. It takes time and thought to make a girl horny but generally once a woman reaches that point, she becomes even more sexually aggressive than her male counterpart. Men who get women to that point enjoy the rewards of their hard labor.

  1. Romance her. Before you can even begin to think about making a girl horny, you must first make her feel romantic. Buy her flowers, shower her with affection but do not do so with the expectation of instant reciprocation. Send some roses to her at work where she can enjoy romantic thoughts of you without having to blush in your presence. Send a gift to her home and allow her to opportunity to think about her feelings for you in private.
  2. Let her have her way. If you want your girl to feel horny you should let her feel comfortable being in control. Let her choose what to watch on TV. Go on dates to places of her choosing. Give the sports bar a miss and take in a ballet or night at the opera. Don't be afraid to let your hair down and take her ice skating or for a romantic stroll but to make her horny you must let her call the shots.
  3. Compliment her. Tell her she

    looks beautiful and you will activate the horny part of her brain. Compliment her outfit and her hair. Even if she makes no effort and looks like she just got dragged through a hedge backwards, tell her that she looks different but that you like her new look. Do not go overboard with compliments or she will realize that you plan to seduce her.

  4. Prepare some food and drink for her. Cook a meal and tell her it's because she is so special. Buy some wine. Don't get her totally drunk but give her a glass of wine so that she relaxes a little. Prepare a meal including oysters or other aphrodisiacs to get her into the mood. Strawberries and Champagne work wonders if your budget can stretch to accommodate them.
  5. Give her a massage. After dinner start to give her a shoulder rub. Do a good job and take your time. Once done with the soldiers move on to her feet. It should take at least 30 minutes to give her a really good foot massage. It will help her relax and if you succeed in making her relax you are very close to making her feel horny. Ask her if she would like a full back rub. If she slips her dress off you can continue her massage until she is ready to rumble.

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