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How To Get Big Biceps

tips on how to get big biceps

In this Videojug clip, fitness trainer Dan gives some useful tips on how to develop good biceps. Dan explains the two types of exercises, namely the isolation and the compound exercises that can be done to develop the biceps. This video also demonstrates the ways to do it.

If you want to get some good biceps, which are these muscles which are in the front of the arm, there are lots of exercises that are available to you. You can use machines. You can use free weights, dumb bells, barbells, all kinds of stuff.

I am going to show you an isolation exercise and a compound exercise. I will explain what it means. An isolation exercise is one that will work only on the biceps.

A classic isolation exercise for working or building the biceps is the bicep curls. A very standard exercise, stand up straight, pick up weights which is very heavy, whatever it may be, 5 kilos, 10 kilos, 20 kilos, whatever that is heavy for you. Chest out, bring them up, slowly down, sideways on.

The main thing to know while I am doing this, this arm doesn't move. A lot of people in the gym, when it becomes heavy, swinging it, cheat things, not as good. Do it really slow, really controlled

and that builds up the biceps.

Now, a better exercise to do in terms of actually recruiting more muscle fibers in working the biceps even more will be to do a compound exercise working the biceps. That means choosing an exercise which works few muscles at the same time with the biceps being one of them. Now, the best way of doing this will be closed grip pull-up overhead.

Now, when you do a pull-up, you may know that you are working your back shoulder and your biceps. However, when you put your hands together like this, does work the biceps more than with a bicep curl, which mostly couldn't realize. So, get yourself hanging, then slowly pull your way up, halt for a second, then slowly down, all the way up, all the way down.

When you notice, my arms are going like that, very similar to this, same movement just using the hinges over the other. Now, I would recommend doing these exercises if you want to get bigger biceps which will also build up shoulder and back as well. Do as many as you can and whenever you get to the gym, go to the bar, just go for as many as you can and these are some tips on how to build bigger biceps.

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