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Tips on how to get buff

tips on how to get buff


Best Answer: Make sure you are eating lots of protein and other foods. It is hard to build muscle when you have nothing on your body to build it from. So it is very important that you eat enough or even a little bit extra. Your body will turn that to muscle if you are doing heavy lifting. Bananas are good to have a bit before a work out or after one because they have potassium in them and that is good for your heart. Plus they are a good source of energy that will release into your body at a good pace. Not fast like candy, but not slow like meat.

Lift as much as you can in 8 reps and repeat that once or maybe twice. Make sure you do not do any muscles 2 days in a row as they need tome to repair. Don't forget to so the little muscle's because if you only work on the biceps and pecks, but

not the back of the arm and lower back then you are going to run into difficulty down the road with movement and flexibility. Both sides of the limb have to be strong because they work off each other.

Don't do a lot of cardio. That burns calories and you will be doing enough of that just lifting. Heavier weights, fewer reps, that's the key to bulking the muscle.

Make sure you stretch. The more muscles a person has the less flexible they are likely to be so keep yourself bendy.

Enjoy doing it. Try to make it something you want to do and you are more likely to keep it up. You have a home gym so maybe set up a TV and do it during your favourite show every day. That gives you a schedule that is easy to follow and something to look forward to during your work out.

Good luck.


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