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How to Get Cheap Flights to Italy

tips on how to get cheap flights

Be flexible about times and dates (Photo: Venice, Italy image by jobetim from )

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Italy is a fabulous vacation destination, but it doesn't come cheap. Hotels, food, souvenirs and museum entry fees can all be expensive, so you needn't spend so much money for a flight on top of all of that. You can find cheap airfare by visiting Italy in the off-season, being flexible regarding the days you fly and by considering a slightly offbeat flight pattern via other cities in Europe.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Italy

Step 1

Avoid the busiest tourist months. Because of school breaks and good weather, most visitors book their trips between the end of spring and the beginning of the fall. If you don't mind the weather being a little chillier, you'll find better airfare--and fewer crowds--outside of that time frame.

Step 2

Visit and revisit airline and travel websites. One day, it can cost a small fortune to book a flight to Italy, but the next day a great deal can appear. Sometimes you have to book those flights within a pretty small window of time, so keep your eyes open.

Try to be flexible with your times and dates. You can save a significant amount of money by changing your flight by only a day or two or by traveling at off-hours. For example, an $867 flight from San Francisco to Rome can go down to $607 if you change your return flight by just two days.

Price a flight to a European capital outside Italy, with a connecting flight to Italy on a budget carrier such as AirBerlin or RyanAir. You may spend more time in transit but save money on your flight.

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