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How to Get Famous on Youtube!

TV shows. radio DJs. movies stars. game shows and talk show hosts … they’re all great ways to become famous. But now there is a new and easier way and it’s called youtube. How many people out there have seen the “Evolution of Dance” or Charlie, the baby who bit his older brother’s finger. Even the famous Justin Bieber never became famous until millions of people on youtube were watching him sing.

So are you interested in having tons of fans writing you IM’s and emails from all over the world. Well let’s get started with this simple step-by-step plan to get famous on youtube :

Brainstorm Ideas

Evolution of Dance

Make Something that Entertains You

If you don't make something that you would enjoy watching, what makes you think anyone will want to

watch it? If you’re trying to be funny. make sure it makes you laugh .

Make A Few Videos


A good way to keep your audience entertained is with a variety of videos. Use different actors. or different themes. Spice things up with an animation or a stop-motion video. Be creative… people like that.

One Great Video

mentos experiments

Now it’s time to become famous. Once you’ve set up your profile and you have an audience, it’s time to release that one great video that could make you famous. If it’s really good, the people that have been watching your other videos, will send the link to your great video and hopefully it will spread to millions of people .

Post Your Great Video as A Video Response

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