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Top 60 Tips To Get Fit At Home With Diet, Fitness And Sports Equipments For Home Workouts

tips on how to get fit
    Being fit is one of the goals, which everyone strives for. We tell you how to do it in the comfort of your home. Being fit whether it is weight loss, fitness, well-being, fighting obesity or workout for a beach-body; we break it down for you into diet, workouts and what equipments you need for a home gym. Workout on the following tips to get fit at home.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 1: Load yourself with plenty of water

It is common to misunderstand thirst with hunger. Thus, we end up indulging into a plate-filled with calories instead of gulping down a glass of water. Therefore, to avoid hogging unwanted calories, keep sipping water at regular intervals.

Inputs: Dr. Shilpa Mittal - Nutritionist, Diet Consultant and Founder of Nutrilife Health Management, Mumbai

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 2: Never skip meals

Always follow a regular eating pattern and never ever try to miss any meal, in order to achieve a desired weight. If you miss any specific meal, you tend to get hungry and you will end up eating more than double.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 3: Start your day with a good breakfast

To get fit, one thing you should very morning is have a healthy breakfast. A good breakfast will help you to kick-start your day with sufficient energy and help you lose weight.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 4: Ward off junk food from your diet

It’s true that junk foods are quite irresistible and addicting, but constant indulgence in these foods can damage your overall health. Besides, widening your waistline it will risk you at various health problems like cholesterol and heart ailments.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 5: Read the label

Before buying any food product make sure that you turn over the products and read the various ingredients present on the food products. This is one of the smartest ways to avoid unnecessary calories and fill your body with essential nutrients.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 6: Change your cooking style

Add flavour to your food by using various healthy items like spices, herbs and lemon juices. Instead of deep-frying your food try grill, bake or steaming method.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 7: Choose night-time snacks smartly

It is tempting to sit back until late night on the couch with some potato chips and enjoy your favourite program. Thus, when you are planning to indulge into mindless eating late night, choose low-calorie snacks like almonds or healthy salads.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 8: Prefer lean meat

Instead of choosing processed meats like bacon or sausages, choose the leanest cuts of meat as far as possible to cut down some unnecessary calorie consumption. Before consuming any meat, make sure to remove the skin completely.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 9: Eat mini meals during the day

It is easy to burn few calories rather than burning lots of calories at one go. Thus, eat four-five meals or snacks per day; this will help you to control your appetite and weight.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 10: Prepare your meal

If you always order food from outside, reduce it to once or twice a week. Prefer preparing your meal at home, instead of ordering it. This will help you cut out excessive calorie consumption and make healthy alternative choices.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 11: Enjoy your food

The best way to achieve a healthy diet in by eating slowly, chew you food gradually and enjoy the taste of you food. Slow eating will help you to satisfy your meal.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 12: Know the difference between craving and hunger

Know the difference between wanting to eat and needing to eat. If you figure out the difference between the two, it will help you to cut out from those unnecessary calories.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 13: Choose low-calorie food

Instead of choosing burgers or pizzas for meals, choose vegetable salad, fruit salad, porridge, oats and other low fat foods. All these foods have less number of calories and low glycemic index, thus it will help you to stay fuller for a longer duration.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 14: Eat protein at every meal

Consumption of protein rich foods will help you to maintain a healthy weight, preserve muscle mass and encourages fat burning whilst keeping you full for a longer time. Thus, to perform your daily tasks effectively include protein rich foods like yoghurt, nuts and beans.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 15: Reduce your portion size

Try reducing your portion size, this will help to cut down that extra calorie consumption which you don’t need. Never try to fill your plate the aim should be minimum.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 16: Stuff your kitchen with healthy foods

Instead of stuffing your kitchen with ready-to-eat meals, stock your kitchen with healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, low-fat calories, nuts, brown rice and oats.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 17: Avoid sodas

Put down the bottle of carbonated water or sodas as far as possible because it not only loads your body with calories but also makes fat burning difficult. Instead, choose limewater or fruit juice.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 18: Match calorie consumption to your weight

The best way to avoid unnecessary calorie consumption is to figure out how much calorie you need. Dr. Shilpa says – add a zero to your weight and this will help you to figure out how much calorie you need in a day.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 19: Limit sugar and salt consumption

Stay away from excessive sugary and salty foods. Both these ingredients can cause health complications. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, and reduce the consumption of salt in your diet.

Tips to Get Fit at Home # 20: Eat your meal with no distraction 

When you eat, make sure that there is no distraction like TV, videogame or work. Give some dedicated time for your meals and eat peacefully.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Push ups

  • Place yourself face down with the palms on the floor. Place the palms wider than the shoulder-width, arms extended, legs straight and feet together or slightly apart.
  • Keep the neck, back & hips aligned and abdominals contracted. Do not arch the back downwards or upwards. Keep it flat like a table top.
  • Bend the elbows outwards and bring the chest close to the floor. This is the initial position.
  • Push back upwards till the arms extend completely and feel the contraction in the chest muscles.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

  • Stand with the feet shoulder width apart, arms firmly on your waist.
  • Look straight ahead and keeping the abdominals contracted arch the back slightly outwards while bending the knees and lower the hips towards the floor.
  • Stop when the thighs are horizontal to the floor, extend the knees and return to the standing position.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

The basic crunch

  • Lie on the back on an exercise or yoga mat the hands behind the head, knees bent, feet flat and slightly apart on the floor.
  • Using the abdominal muscles (by contracting them), raise the shoulders off the floor. While going up, round the back and roll the spine upwards.
  • Slowly come down to the initial position.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise


A great stretch and very good for your whole body, specially your back. Lie on your stomach on a mat with your legs extended, arms extended overhead with palms facing each other. Relax your head to align it with your spine. Extend both hips  a few inches off the floor while simultaneously raising both arms a few inches off the floor. Keep both legs and arms extended and avoiding any rotation in each. Hold this position briefly. Gently inhale and lower your legs and arms back towards your starting position without any movement in your low back or hips.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Downward facing dog

Kneel on an exercise mat or floor and bring your feet together. Place your palms flat on the mat, positioning your hands shoulder-width apart with your fingers facing forward. Get into a push-up position, shifting your hands until your shoulders are positioned directly over your hands. Shift your weight backwards by pushing your hips backwards and upwards. Move your body moves backwards and attempt to push your heels towards the floor. Continue moving until your body forms an inverted-V, keeping both arms and legs extended and a neutral (flat) spine.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Pushup with single leg raise

Lower your body towards the floor while maintaining a rigid torso and head aligned with your spine. Do not

allow your lower back to sag or your hips to hike upwards during this downward phase, contract your glutes and thigh muscles to create stability for your core. Press upwards through your arms while maintaining a rigid torso. As you press upwards, extend your left hip to lift your left foot off the floor, keeping the knee extended. Continue pressing until the arms are fully extended at the elbows and your left leg is extended off the floor. Hold this position briefly before returning to your starting position. Repeat with other leg.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Front Plank

Lie on your stomach with your elbows close to your sides and directly under your shoulders, palms down and hands facing forward. Contract your quadriceps to extend your legs (pull toes towards your shins). Contract your core and abdominal muscles to stiffen your torso. Lift your entire torso off the floor or mat, maintaining a stiff torso and legs. Continue to breath while holding this position for a specified time (20 seconds at least). While maintaining a stiff torso and extended knees, gently lower your body back towards the floor.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Side plank with bent knee

Lie on your right side on an exercise mat with your left leg lying directly over your right leg and bend your knees to a comfortable position. Raise your upper body to support yourself on your right arm, your right elbow should bend to 90 degrees and be positioned directly under your shoulder. Contract your abdominal / core muscles to stiffen your spine and lift your hips off the mat, but keeping contact with your knee, and head aligned with your spine. Return yourself to your starting position.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Squat Jump

Stand with your feet at shoulder width, arms by your side. Shift your hips downwards and take care to not take your knees further than your toes. Continue to lower yourself till you feel your heels lifts of the floor. With a very brief pause at the bottom, explode upwards through your lower extremity. As you jump into the air, keep your feet level with each other and parallel with the floor. Attempt to land softly and quietly on the mid-foot, rolling backwards quickly towards the heels. Always push your hips backwards and drop them downwards to absorb the impacting forces associated with jumping.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Forward Lunge

Stand with your feet together. Lift one foot off the floor, stabilizing your body on the stance (supporting) leg. Avoid any sideways tilting or swaying in your upper body and try not to move the stance. Hold this position momentarily before stepping forward. As you lunge forward, focus more on dropping your hips towards the floor rather than driving your hips forward. Continue lowering your body to a comfortable position or until your front thigh becomes parallel with the floor and your tibia (shinbone) is in a slight forward lean. Firmly push off with your front leg, activating both your quads and glutes (thighs and butt muscles) to return to your upright, starting position.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Side lunge

Stand with your feet parallel facing forward and hip-width apart. Step to the right while keeping your weight over your heels and both feet facing forward. Bend at the hips, pushing them backwards while simultaneously shifting your weight towards the right foot. Continue shifting your weight over the right foot until your shinbone is vertical to the floor and your right knee is aligned directly over the second toe of your right foot. The heels of both feet should stay flat on the floor. Push off firmly with your right leg, returning your body to your starting position. Repeat the movement for the opposite side.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Side lying hip abduction

Lie on your side on a mat with legs extended straight, away from your body. Hold your feet together in neutral position and your lower arm bent and positioned under your head for support, while the upper arm rests upon your upper hip. Raise the upper leg off the lower leg while keeping the knee extended and the foot in a neutral position. The hips should remain vertical to the floor and the knee of the raised leg should point straight away from you. Continue raising the leg until the hips begin to tilt upwards or until your feel tension develop in your low back or oblique muscles. Then return to starting position and switch legs.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Reverse Crunches

Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and arms spread out to your sides with your palms facing down. Then lift your feet off the floor, raising your knees directly above your hips while maintaining a 90 degree bend in the knees. Hold this position and breathe normally. Then raise your hips off the mat, rolling your spine up as if trying to bring your knees towards your head. Finally lower your spine back towards the mat in a controlled fashion, rolling out until your spine and pelvis (hips) contact the mat and your knees are positioned directly over the your hips with a 90 degree bend with your lower leg.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Bear Crawl

for all these various crawls, if you have a partner and the space, you can try racing, which does nothing more but up the tempo. If you are on your own, you can do them just as well. Get down on all fours, with your arms and legs extended. Now crawl forward fast. Make sure you are putting enough weight on your arms and your arms are doing more work than your legs. Keep your body flat like you would in a plank. Keep going for 45 seconds. If you run out of space, turn around and crawl back.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Side crawls or crab crawl

Get into a plank position, on your palms instead of on your elbows, with your body flat. Now extend your right leg to the side, and cross your left arm over your right. Then extend the right arm out, and move the left leg close to the right. Repeat until you reach the end of the room. You will be moving sideways as a crab. Once you get the movement up the tempo. Come back the same way, this time using the other side of your body to push.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Duck walk

With your hands stretched out in front of you for balance. Get into a squat position. Now walk forward staying as low as you possibly can. You can envision a duck swaggering away with this walk. If your legs don’t scream for you to stop, then you’re probably not human.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Circuit Training

Simply put circuit training is a bunch of aerobic exercises mixed up with resistance training to deliver a high intensity workout. These exercises are performed one after the other – in a circuit – with minimal rest in-between. They include aerobic and anaerobic exercises and the methods are flexible.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Prison Workout

They're called prison workouts, because a prisoner in a little cell can do them and still get good strength training in with no equipment. Apart from the full body functional workout from burpees, a prison workout can also be moulded to target the upper body, lower body and core separately.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Towel workout

Towel exercise is an inexpensive home workout. It’s also called shower workouts, if done just after the shower, which is ideal as the muscles are warm right after the shower. These workouts can be done just by using a towel as equipment.

You can perform simple stretches, work on mobility and strength exercises using the towel. These exercises keep the joints healthy and muscles supple and improve blood circulation. These workouts include various exercises like side stretches, standing twists, front shoulder raises, static triceps extensions, and even bicep curls - all with just a towel as equipment.

Tips to Get Fit at Home – Fitness exercise

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are easy to store, and highly flexible so you can do a number of workouts for various body parts with them. You can do these workouts in a pinch, for lack of time, if you can’t leave home, or just because you enjoy using a medicine ball. Do these as a substitute for your regular workouts, and on days when you just need a change.

Home Workouts. 20 Sports Equipments For Home Workouts suggests these snazzy gizmos to jazz up your home workout regimen.

Inflatable Swiss Balls or exercise balls, made of synthetic vinyl are growing in popularity because of their role in functional training. An exercise ball can add balance and flexibility elements to your workout. They are great for ab exercises

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