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How to Get That Special Girl

tips on how to get girls to like you

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You have lots of options in the dating market if you are in it just to date randomly, but that changes when you meet that one special girl. While quantity in dating has value, it often pales in comparison to quality. Now that you know someone special, take advantage of the situation. Before you panic, realize you can get her attention and make her your special girl with the right tactics.

Specialize your approach to fit this girl. Learn about her, including what makes her special. Flattery works as long as it is believable and sincere. Telling her what you think makes her special can encourage her to give you a chance at winning her. Avoid overdoing the flattery, though, to avoid seening desperate, or worse, completely obsessed.

Step 3

Play the game. While you want to be patient with this girl to avoid rushing the situation, you

also want to avoid being stuck in the “friend zone.” Once a girl you consider special sees you only as a friend, it will be hard to get back on a romantic course. Avoid this by teasing her, joking with her and flirting tastefully on occasion to help keep some romantic and sexual tension. This will keep you on her mind in a romantic way.

Know when she is playing hard to get. Although most women won’t readily admit it, they love competition as long as they know they’re the front-runners. Use this to your advantage when you want to be with someone special. If she is playing hard to get, turn the tables by showing her that other women are interested in you. This can increase your worth in her eyes. Be careful, however, as this tactic can backfire and cause her to think you are uninterested or are just a player.

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