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How to get over a girl?

tips on how to get over a girl

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How to get over a girl?

Hey Guys,

So I was never the most social kid in high school. I was literally the last. There would be days I would not say a single word to anyone, literally. Now in college I have literally zero friends. And I do mean literally. Not one.

Well somehow I met this girl and she acted like she liked me. I knew I never had a chance, so I ignored her. This made her like me even more and give me more signs. This made be ignore her even more. Well eventually she texted me first on FB, then a week later after initiating lots of conversations she asked me out on a date. Well, she said "you should ask me out sometime

" and I asked her out. Everything was good until the date. After she still said liked me, but (AFTER MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS) I finally realized that she is weird and was actually lying to my face. Directly lying. "Want to go on another date?" "Yes

". But yeah she closed her facebook and I never got her number because I never needed it with facebook, and we didn't talk for 3 months. Well she just reopened her FB and it was her bday and I wished her a happy bday and she liked the post, but. nothing else. If she liked me she would have commented "Thanks!

" you know. She is no longer friends with her ex-bf, so. but yeah I probably won't pursue her because she is not acting interested, and interested girls act interested, and she is eons out of my league in every single [redacted] way.

Anyways, back on topic. How do I get over her? Whenever certain songs come on, I just burst into tears (and im a [redacted] 20 year old guy). I never had a girl show any sign of interest through the previous 20.333 years of my life, and then she comes along and shows me more interest than any girls ever show any guys (few girls ask guys out, even

fewer are persistent about it).

Even the places where I drove with her on the date make me feel just so sad. It was right in the big city, and whenever it is night time and I see the city it just makes me want to cry, and when certain songs come on I just cant help it.

I know logically that this is just because some insecure loser got showed lots of interest, and so he got super attached and cant seem to let go. I admit that, I know it. But I can't convince my feelings to agree.

If I just suppress the feelings I have, its ok for a few days, but then something happens that reminds me of her and I emotionally just explode. If I confront my feelings directly and try to get them out, it just doesn't end. I literally cried for like 3 hours one night.

I just don't know what to do. I mean I'm getting A's in college so in the big picture my life is on track, but mentally I'm just a wreck. I think about her literally probably 50% of my time. And my "thinking about" I don't mean sexually, its just emotionally. In fact even the slightest sexual thought I have toward her makes me feel disgusting and horrible for thinking of that with her. I don't know. I need help.

This is 100% a true post, lol look through my past posts for the last 6 months. I just need some suggestions for learning how to let go. And don't just say "get another girl" because I don't like any other girls. And I'm not just being stubborn by saying that. I see other girls around me and I just think "that girl is NO WHERE near [other girls name]". And what kills me is when I see a guy 10Xs hotter than me with a girl 10000000Xs uglier than her. Wtf?

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