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3 Easy Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

tips on how to get pregnant easy

Are you one of those couples who are desperately trying to get pregnant but  have always failed miserably so?  Have you always longed to hold your own newborn in your arms?  Are you looking forward to having your own children and teaching them to be responsible people?  Are you worried you may be barren?  You aren’t alone, sadly there are thousands of couples feeling the same anguish.  Here’s some tips to help you conceive your baby fast!

Track your monthly cycles for accurate timing

Timing is everything.  There is a window of about four to five days a month when you can conceive, so make the most of these 5 days.

Track your menstrual cycles a number of ways:

  • Acquire an ovulation predictor kit and use it.  You will know exactly when you are ovulating and then you can time intercourse for highest probability of making your baby in a shorter amount of time.
  • Start temping every morning before you get out of bed.  Obtain an inexpensive BBT thermometer and take your temp every morning.  Graph your daily temp and you will notice a pattern form.  Your temp will spike when ovulation is happening.  Knowing when ovulation occurs will help you confirm that you are indeed  ovulating.
  • Begin taking a prenatal or multi vitamin now, be sure the vitamin contains folic acid.
  • Cease smoking, you won’t be able to smoke whilst pregnant so you should stop smoking immediately.
  • Avoid alcohol.  Go ahead and enjoy the occasional cocktail or beer in the first half  of your menstrual cycle but refrain in the two week wait.
  • Eat a good for you diet.  Being underweight or eating a extremely low calorie diet can mess up your monthly cycle.  Get in the routine of eating healthy, whole foods and eliminate  junk foods.

Stop Using (Most) Lubes

Most over the counter lubericants aren’t sperm friendly, they actually kill or impair the mobility of sperm and should not be used during your fertile times.  Preseed. though high-priced is a safe sperm friendly lube.

Another lube that is not harmfull to sperm is common vegetable oil, found in a good number of kitchens.  If you choose to use vegetable oil then use it sparingly as a a small amount goes a long way.

Saliva shouldn’t be used during fertile times since its not sperm friendly.

Another great choice, while considered controversial, is room temp egg white.  Use the egg white only not the yolk, the yolk could contain salmonella and you don’t want that.  Egg whites are all protein, just comparable sperm so egg whites are the perfect medium for sperm to swim in and sperm thrive in egg white.

Seek Medical Testing

If you are a woman under 35 years old with normal menstrual cycles and haven’t become pregnant after 1 year of well timed attempts at concieving then it’s time to get a doctors appointment.  Or if you are over 35 years old or have irregular periods then get medical help at six months of well timed intercourse.  The majority doctors won’t even consider fertility testing until these time limits have been passed.  Generally the first fertility test done is for the man with a simple, non invasive semen analysis.

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