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7 tips on how to get pregnant quickly

tips on how to get pregnant quickly

Getting pregnant, having a baby, and motherhood is what every woman yearns. However, there are many couples who cannot get pregnant for one reason or other. It might be a lifestyle problem or a physical disorder.

But, for all those couples who have tried many ways and have not been successful, following these simple and natural methods can increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Tip #1 – Use ovulation predictor kit or ovulation monitor:

Ovulation is the release of egg from the ovary into the uterus. Couples, who try to conceive, should understand about ovulation and learn how to track ovulation. Knowing the fertile days, helps couples to plan their intimate moments.

Ovulation can be predicted in 3 ways, calendar method, cervical mucus method, or basal body temperature method.

Women, who find these ovulation predictor methods very difficult or confusing, can use ovulation predictor kits or monitor to help find the days they ovulate.

Ovulation predictor kits are easy to use and provide accurate results in predicting ovulation. It functions by reading the LH that increases prior to ovulation.

Ovulation monitors are also similar to ovulation kits, however it not only read changes in LH but also changes in other hormone levels. This makes it more accurate for couples to find out their fertile days to get pregnant quickly.

Tip #2 – Consult a physician:

Before start trying to get pregnant, it is wise to consult a physician, both men and women. Health professionals help rule out any health problems that may hinder the process of getting pregnant.

Health issues that might interfere with pregnancy may be due to poor nutrition, physical conditions, or health status such as fibroids or endometriosis. Physicians may start prescribing prenatal vitamins, which may help individuals in the pregnancy process.

Tip #3 – Optimize health:

Eat right not only makes the person healthy but also provides a conducive environment for a healthy pregnancy.

Eating a well-balanced meal including plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, who grains, fish, folic acid, and dairy products can provide the body with essential nutrients for conception.Vitamin supplements can be taken after consulting with a health care provider.

Adapting a healthy lifestyle by staying away from alcohol,

drugs and tobacco products is a must, when trying to conceive. They can affect fertility, and also have delirious effect on the future baby such as low birth weight, premature birth, or possibility of miscarriage. Smoking reduces sperm count in males.

Tip #4 – Avoid stress:

Relaxing the body and mind increases fertility. Undue stress can make conception difficult for couples. Relaxing and taking things easier and enjoying sexual encounters with the partner are very important to conceive.

Relaxation techniques such as Pilates and yoga can help keep the mind calm and create a better environment for the development of the baby.

Tip #5 – Man to avoid hot baths:

Man should avoid taking hot baths, as they could reduce the sperm count and the chances of getting pregnant will reduce considerably.

Tip #6 – Do not overdo:

To increase the chances of getting pregnant, the sperm count and its viability is a very important factor. To keep the sperm viable and to count high, frequent sexual intercourse should be avoided.

Knowing the right timing is the key; couple should be sexually intimate around every other night during their fertile days. This will make sure that the sperms are mature enough to fertilize the egg for a healthy conception.

A healthy sperm can live for around 72 hours in the female reproductive tract. This ensures, that having sex every other day during fertile days, one have a constant supply of sperm inside the uterus in case the egg cell gets released.

Tip #7 – Correct positioning:

Correct positioning during sex is an important aspect in getting pregnant quickly. The best way to conceive is the missionary position, where the main is on the top. It is also important to elevate the hips for 15 minutes by placing a pillow under them right after sex.


When it comes to pregnancy, so many factors come in to the play. Like other things in life, pregnancy cannot be planned exactly. But, following these seven tips and tricks, the chances of couple getting pregnant quickly increases about 85%.

They are 100 percent natural and are developed by experts after a lot of research. Making most of these and expect positive results.

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