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How To Get Pregnant With A Boy

Posted by Helen D. Fuchs on October 2, 2012

How to Get Pregnant Fast with a Boy – Conceive a baby boy with 94% accuracy

Alicia Pennington is one known author for writing the book, “ Prince or Princess Guide ” that talk about how to get pregnant with either a boy or a girl. This downloadable ebook is very useful especially to those parents/couple who wants to conceive the child that they want.

A boy is more often rare to conceive compared to a girl. But why does this happen? Is there anything that you can do to change that fact? If you ask Alicia, she will definitely give you a “YES” answer to your question. By just reading her book, you will find out that conceiving a baby boy is as easy as conceiving a baby girl. Sounds skeptical and even a type of “spam” for some people but if you only go through all the pages of the book, you will find out that the author is telling the truth.

Where does a couple start? Well, the book summarized the explanation into three (3) easy and simple steps that anyone, regardless of the age, lifestyle, health status, and situation in life, are able to perform.

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The first step talks about the body’s level of pH and its chemistry. The body is capable of changing its body chemistry and temperature that can definitely help in conceiving the right gender for the child. In fact, if you want to have a baby boy, you should be able to control your pH level into higher than pH7 few weeks before your planned intercourse with your husband.

Secondly. diet is very important. If you keep on eating unhealthy foods that can greatly affect your health and your pH level, then it is time for you to change your usual meals. Changing your routine can help in

letting your body adjust to another condition. If you already have 3 girls and wanted to have a baby boy for your last child, then this is the right time to change the USUAL. Start applying the opposite of what you usually eat before. This way, your body can adjust slowly and eventually contribute in producing the right level of pH.

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Lastly. the right time to intercourse should be determined. For some couple, they practice a trial and error method which resulted in having 3 consecutive girls. Once a couple intercourse, there should be a guarantee that they will already conceive a boy. Ovulation, the type of sperm and even the sexual positions greatly affects the gender of the baby. So in order to have a baby boy, learn the Dos and Don’ts first.

The Prince or Princess Guide  book is not just written based on personal experiences by the writer. The success rate of 94% of the book is due to the fact that extensive researches had been done from reliable sources all over the world. The gathering of data has been filtered by the writer and she chose the best methods which she also tried for herself.

The methods are obviously true because these are supported by scientific reasoning. The book discusses natural methods that are very safe to everyone and risk-free. There are no side effects for the methods and only the right timing and discipline are required to make it a success. There is no need to consult a medical expert and allow him to prescribe medicines to you just to conceive a boy. This might just worsen the situation. Thus, reading the book is the only best and safest option that you can do. Try it now and the book guarantees a very high rate of success. Give it a try and testify, See More Information

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