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How to get to sleep in the heat: your tips and tricks

Thursday 18 July 2013

Sweat is pouring off Britain’s collective brow as the heatwave continues and with the mercury refusing to budge even as night approaches, sleep has become something many Britons can only dream of.

However some Independent readers have worked out ways to get some shut eye in the heat without resorting to a few too many glasses of wine or popping a sleeping pill.

Whether it’s a cold wet towel over the feet, or a pillow in the fridge, there are a number of tricks which are just the ticket to the land of Nod.

Check out the following tips which have helped i and Independent readers get to sleep on these sticky nights.

@AvaPiaf1. Sounds disgusting, but dampen a towel with cold water, squeeze out excess and use as a blanket!

@aminoacidkhan. I put my pillow in the freezer for a bit. In an empty clean drawer obviously.

@JennyHough. Put cold water and ice cubes in a hot water bottle!

@carl_spaul. Keep your feet uncovered.

@timjinx. People go to bed too early. I never go to bed before midnight, and can always sleep. It's not insomnia at 10:30!

@saralhawthorn. Raise the end of the bed up a few

inches (if safe to do so!) keeps feet cooler so easier to sleep.

@carolinehinde :Exercise then you'll be so knackered nothing will keep you awake!

 @_crystyls_. weirdly, a thin fleece blanket

@Ltk1953. a cool shower and a couple of drops of lavender on the pillow works a treat

April M Emblin. Ice cubes in a bowl in front of the fan. Cools the bedroom enough to sleep

Helen Whittaker. Blood temperature bath just before bed

Dave Elliott: Chucking a glass of water over my sheets about 10mins before i go to bed, seems to be working .

Mark Davies. put cold water on your wrists & neck (pulse points). Helps cool you down before bed

Kate Lovll. Soak a tee shirt in cold water, wring out the excess until just damp and wear in bed. Also, put a damp cloth across any fans you might be using to create a poor man's air con effect!

Kelly-Marie Blundel. I've been waiting until it's cooler (10pm or later) and going out for a furious cycle then (as opposed to daytime when it's too hot) and this is tiring me out. That's a good start. Other than that, windows wide open, cold sheets, lots of water!

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