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15 Tips On How To Get Stronger

by Dejan Antic | Follow Dejan on Twitter

When you’re starting out, and even later in your lifting “career”, your main focus should always be to get stronger. Remember that size follows strength.

You get big by focusing on getting stronger on these three main lifts: deadlift, squat and bench press (dips are also a good substitute for the bench press).

With the correct foundations set in place – diet, training and recovery – you can rest assured that strength gains will come over months and years of training.

But sometimes waiting months and even years for the strength gains to come just won’t cut it. Maybe it’s because you have a competition with your friends who can lift more, the reason you require immediate strength gains.

Well if that’s the case, I’ve compiled a list of 15 tips on how to get stronger, like right now. Apply these tips in your following workout and be sure to watch the envious faces of your friends as you smash your personal records.

Tip #1 – Warm-up by working-up

Do several warm-up sets before you go into your work set. This will get you

warmed-up, your joints lubricated and your nervous system all fired up.

If for example you’re trying to deadlift 400 lbs then you’d start by doing 5 reps using 50% of the work weight. For the second warm-up set you’d do 3 reps with 70%, third set 2 reps with 80% and lastly for the last warm-up set, 1 rep using 90% of the work weight.

Take at least one minute and a half of rest between the warm-up sets and at least 2 minutes rest between the last warm-up set and the work set.

Tip #2 – Visualize your work sets

Use your rest periods wisely. If you’re having doubts in your mind whether you’ll be able to complete the next set, try closing your eyes and start to visualize, how you’re lifting the target weight as if it were light like a feather. Imagine that you’re lifting your weight for hundred reps as if it were nothing.

Make sure that during the visualization process you keep your fists tightly clenched. This will help you build focus and aggressiveness.

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