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How to Get a Guy to Want You - 4 Tips on Getting Him to Want You

tips on how to get the guy you want

Hey girl, it's time for you to learn how to get a guy to want you more than ever! There are certain things that you can do that makes guys want you more and go crazy over you. These things are easy to master, you just need the right advice. I had hundreds of guys hitting on me and wanting to be with me and these are some of the things that worked for me and my girlfriends like a charm! We had more guys wanting us than we could handle. ) Here are 4 tips on how to get a guy to want you just to get you started!

1. Flirt

Guys are animals and they think about sex all the time. That's a fact. Use it to your advantage. Guys can associate anything you say or do to something sexual that can make them want you. For example, being flirtatious, smiling and touching him from time to time when you talk to him can turn him on. Even if you don't look like a supermodel, you can make a guy want you with just your voice by sounding sexual and turned on yourself. When you are turned on, it's much easier to get him to want you. He feels your sexual energy beaming out of you!

You know about those "hot lines" where some really, really ugly and old women that are 200lbs overweight talk to guys and get them off just with the power of their voice. You can do much better than that by talking to him in real life. When you look at him when you talk, keep your gaze at him just a little bit longer than usual. This will make him wonder whether he has a chance!

2. Be open, but not a cling on

If you want to get a guy to want you, you need to be approachable. He has to have a feeling that you're not "a bitch" and that you will be friendly if HE approaches you. Girls that are

too closed off can intimidate a guy and scare him off. When you talk to him be open, relaxed and have fun, laugh at some of his jokes even if they're not that funny. Guys are easy in general and if they feel that they have an open door to get to you they'll start thinking about you and they'll want you more. Also, make sure he doesn't think that you'll become a cling on and call him all day if you exchange numbers, let him call you first! Whenever I teach girls how to get a guy I tell them that they can NEVER be too aggressive or too much of a cling on, that almost always drives guys away!

3. Take care of yourself

Let's face it girls, if you want to get a guy to want you, you have to look as good as possible. Looks count, a lot. So take care of yourself, your skin, your smell. Men are ADDICTED to women that smell really good. If you kiss his cheek when you say "Hi" and go just a bit in, he'll be able to smell you, and only that can make him want you instantly! Always have a great perfume. Women that take care of themselves and that are feminine are far more attractive than "plane Jane's."

4. Become great in bed

Do you want to know how to REALLY get a guy to want you? I'll tell you the truth. It's all about being great in bed. When you can rock his world in the bed better than any other girl before you ever did - he'll want you more than ever. He'll literally chase after you all the time. I guess you searched "how to get a guy" online to find my site, maybe you were expecting some fancy Cosmo article about being romantic etc. That's not the case. I'll only tell you what actually WORKS when it comes to getting a guy to fall head over heels for you. Sex works. Period.

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