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10 Tips to Get Thin and Stay Thin

tips on how to get thin

The information in is this article is from my own experience eating whole foods and living a healthy lifestyle and a survey with slim & vibrant people.

  1. Thin people eat foods with high water content to include fruits,  vegetables, water based soups and stews and cooked whole grains. This includes lots of salads and with creative healthy dressings.
  2. Thin people cook their own food and fill their plate mostly with veggies and salads and a small amount of proteins and starches.
  3. Thin people do things they love several times a week. They have a passion that motivates them to stay fit. They live a full life.
  4. Thin people do not skip meals. They do not let themselves get ravenous.
  5. Thin people weight themselves often. When they are a few pounds over their personal weight limit, they take actions that are consistent with losing weight to include exercising more, limiting portions,

    cutting out wine and dessert and they drink more water.

  6. Thin people limit portions. They buy single servings to ensure that they can not eat more they would like because there is no more to eat.
  7. Thin people stay active. They do exercises that are fun. They also get plenty of rest.
  8. Thin people do what works. When they run into situations that cause them to overeat, they make changes. They learn from their mistakes. Be creative. There are healthy foods you can always eat with a little effort and planning.
  9. Thin people drink lots of water and fresh vegetable and green juices.
  10. Thin people avoid eating white flour, dairy, processed sugar and

Other factors that I cover in Getting Fit through Sex that will help to get you or keep you thin include: proper food combining, pH balance, cleansing your body, when to eat and how to eat.

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