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The Four-Week Challenge to Strengthen Your Core

tips on how to get up in the morning

In case you missed the exciting news, it’s Guest Bloggers’ Week! And today Rachel Giordono — who is ACE-certified in nutrition, has been …

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Stephanie says:

Morning workouts work best for me, because I usually can find 10 million things to do AFTER a long day at work, and it’s usually not exercise.

I’ve also used Facebook to help get me out of bed. Posting that I will the night before is helpful. I’m also FB friends with my Pilates trainer and one of my cycling instructors. If they know where to find me to harrass me for sleeping, I’d best get out of bed!

Daria says:

Great tips. I

love to exercise but waking up early morning just to do so sometimes is not that great since I have to wake up very early. Still, I’ll keep in mind the tips above.

I wouldn’t say that I’m the greatest at being consistent with my early morning workouts. I probably have to go back to having my alarm clock across the room and physically getting out of bed. What helps me if getting a good quality sleep (I recently purchased a new mattress and I’m working on a finding the right pillow). The more rested I am, the more likely I am to wake up to work out.

Also, I have found that setting a small incentive for doing at least 3 days a week helps (like purchase a video, new workout clothes, etc).

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