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Tips on how to get your boyfriend back

Tips to get boyfriend back

Posted on 04 March 2014.

It may be challenging to get boyfriend back as it depends on various factors including who initiated breakup or length of breakup between you two etc. But if you know how to get your boyfriend back even then you can recover your relationship. Few tips are provided here under which can help you in this respect.

Avoid contacting your ex boyfriend: If you want to get boyfriend back then you should leave him alone atleast for 3-4 weeks, without telling him. You should also avoid meeting him even accidentally. It will make him realize your importance in his life. You can respond accordingly, if he contacts you, but you should not initiate at first.

Improve your looks: You should keep yourself fit by joining some gym to improve your looks, if your fitness is one of the reasons of your breakup. You can easily get your boyfriend back by improving your physical appearance.

Date others to make him jealous: You can easily get your boyfriend back by making him realize that you need him no longer, by dating with someone else. This dating can benefit you both ways, on one you get him back and on the other you may not need your ex back, if you find a better person than him.

Keep yourself busy: You can choose some sport or hobby to keep yourself busy to help you in avoiding your ex boyfriend like dating with others. This will also help you in getting your boyfriend back very soon.

Widen your social circle: This step will also make your ex-boyfriend feel jealous. You can make new friends on online social websites to avoid your ex and make him feel envious.

Contact your boyfriend after at least four weeks: After avoiding your boyfriend for at least 4 weeks you can make a brief phone call to contact him and invite him for dinner. In this way you will either get back your boyfriend or can make better decisions in this respect. If he does not accept your invitation then you can continue avoiding him for one more month or try your luck with some other better guy for your relationship.

Avoid talking about past: When he accepts your invitation for dinner then instead of talking about your past you should focus on some fun and amusing things. You can also make programs to meet for some activities or dinner in future to recuperate your relationship with him.

Avoid insisting on recovering relationship: You should never insist to get your boyfriend back, if he is not interested in you any longer. If he does not accepts your repeated invitations then you should completely shun him off from your life and move on. You can find someone suitable for you from the new friends you have made during this time to make your ex-boyfriend jealous.

Thus you can improve chances to get boyfriend back even if it is challenging, by implementing the above discussed tips in this regard. These simple steps can increase the happiness of your life simply by providing you your boyfriend back.

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