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How To Give A Good Blow Job – 3 Incredible BJ Tips

Knowing how to give a good blow job will keep a guy thinking about you for days afterward! Giving a good blowjob is literally that powerful. So you are probably wondering what exactly you can do to make it a good one. Well, before you read the rest of this article, you should know that it was written with the help of the free Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter. Check it out if you want a masterclass in giving blowjobs.

When And Where

When and where you give your guy a blowjob is important. If you usually give him a blow job on a Saturday night in your bedroom, then each blow job is going to feel like the last, exactly the same (= BORING!). So to prevent him from ever getting bored from getting a blowjob from you, you need to always vary the location and time you give him a blow job.

So when should you give him a blowjob? Most guys would expect to get it at nighttime, so try to start avoiding going down on him during the nighttime. Most guys wake up with wood, so the morning is much better, but it’s still not that adventurous or amazing. Lots of guys have gotten a blow job in the morning.

However, not many have gotten one while they were eating their breakfast or just watching TV. Not many guys have gotten an unexpected ‘blowjob’ visit from their girlfriend after work. So start changing the times that you give him a blowjob.

What is more important to learning how to give a good blow job is where you give it to him. The bedroom gets boring very quickly, so you need to start finding other places. Your best bet is to start off with places that are safe but still adventurous. So this could be your living room, like on the couch or on a chair or even under a table! You might also consider the shower.

Once you are comfortable in your own private place, then you should start thinking about other places. What about at a house party. Think about how hot and heavy a guy will get if you grab his hand and lead him upstairs to a secluded bedroom during a house party for a quick bj? Or how about at the office party? You could suggest going out for some air, but instead of going outside, you could lead him to somewhere more private.

Be confident!

I know that sound a little mean. I don’t like telling people to just ‘be confident’. But the fact is that most guys like getting a bj from a girl

who seems to know what she’s doing. It’s one of the most overlooked parts to learning how to give a good blow job. So what can you do to be confident?

This first is to just fake it till you make it. This means that you just need to pretend to be confident even if you are very nervous inside. The next is to go slow. When I gave my first blowjob to my first boyfriend, I was nervous as hell and wasn’t sure if I was doing everything right. But I decided to just use the advice of my best friend, ‘Go slow and just pretend you know what you are doing.’ While it wasn’t even close to the mind blowing bj’s that I give now, it went fine. So if you are like most people and feeling a little nervous, then just remember to go slow and just pretend you know what you are doing.

Variety is the Spice of life

The next part to learning how to give a good blow job is to use variation. The old ‘in & out’ for 10 minutes straight gets boring pretty quickly. However, there are a number of techniques that you can use to massively increase your man’s enjoyment of his blowjob. Here is a short but powerful list of techniques:

  • Massage his testicles (gently). Most women don’t actually know that a man’s testicles are just as sensitive as a his penis. This means that he gets almost as much enjoyment from you rubbing his scrotum/balls as he does from you sucking on his penis.
  • Use your hands. Men certainly love getting a blowjob, but something that further increases their enjoyment is getting it stroked as well. So what you can do is suck the top of his penis, while at the same time you are stroking his cock with your hands.
  • Blow. Literally blow on the top of his shaft. It feels cool and is another sensation that will add to his enjoyment.

If you are interested in learning more about how to give a good blowjob then I suggest you check out the Bad Girl’s Bible. It’s the ultimate resource on how to give the perfect blowjob.


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While no man will ever refuse a blow job, he can still get very bored of them. If you feel that your man may be getting tired of the same type of blowjob that you have given him over and over again, then just use one of these ‘bizarre’ techniques to spice things up. You’ll be glad you did!

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