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How To Give Birth

tips on how to give birth

To have an easy birth, you have to plan things out and most importantly, do not panic when the right time comes but just relax and let nature take its course.

Hi. I'm Laura Campbell from Babyladies and I'm going to be giving you some tips on how to look after your newborn and how to achieve the birth that you want. I'm going to talk a bit about giving birth and how to give birth.

And it's one of those things everyone gets very worried and nervous about the labour and they are too busy worrying to actually plan for their birth. Now, my first piece of advice is to plan, if you've made a plan, then everyone else around you knows what you're doing, what your wishes are and how you want to have your baby. You can have your baby at home, you can have your baby in a hospital, you can have your baby in a birthing pool, wherever you feel the most safe and most the comfortable is going to be the best place is for you to give birth.

And if you plan and share this plan with everyone, then you're going to have a good birth. So the second thing is to relax, relax and be confident that you're getting the birth that you

want and you're doing everything possible to achieve that. Now when you relax, your body produces toxins, produces fabulous chemicals that will really really help your baby to be born.

It's relaxing all of your muscles and it's just making everything a lot lot easier. Your body is made to make babies and so just going with it and doing everything you can to relax, being involved in the whole process, is just fantastic. The minute that things start to go wrong or you start to panic or you start to worry, everything tightens up.

Your body starts to produce adrenaline and it goes into the vital flight mode. Everyone knows what that is, you're basically transporting all of your blood from your vital organs to the bits that need to run. So you're going to your heart and you're going to your feet and you're not going to the bits you need to birth your baby.

And then things start to go wrong and things get harder and your baby's head is pushing against something that's really taut and it's not the nice, relax birth that you want. So my main tip how to give birth and achieve the birth that you really really want is to plan. Have everyone around you, know what that plan is and to relax.

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