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Tips On Giving Good Head – How To Give Great Head To A Guy

by admin on April 20, 2011

Fellatio is one of those things that is addictive because of the different brand of pleasure that it gives so to take it even further to the next level, here are some tips on giving good head and make it an experience that your man will not forget:

1. Vary your speed. Usually it is all about licking a penis like you are on a marathon. Well there are times when it is just the ticket but other times you can do very well indeed to give good head by trying out different speeds and lick your man in different places. This will give him different sensations too that will rock his world.

2. Make it fun. Try a little game to extend the fellatio. Here is a fun tip to giving good head – do no touch his penis but use

your hands to do other wonderful things to different parts of his body. By the time your palm lands his package he will be so begging for it, it will be hard to remember what happens next.

3. Practice give and take. Giving good head is all about your man but it helps when he touches you too and gives you motivation to keep going. Throw in some kissing, embracing, and a lot of touching while you are at it so that you get the proper mind set and get you perked up. This will also stop the stimuli that your man is getting to help him calm down and last longer for as long as you want to suck on him. Or if you do not want to stop giving him good head, doing the 69 is always a good tip for you to have an even better time.

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