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Tips on how to give head

tips on how to give head

By Allan Sharpe

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So youГ­re looking for some tips on giving head? You want to please your partner in the best way possible and what better way than through oral sex. Giving your partner a blowjob is the best way to please him and letГ­s face it every man loves a good blowjob. If you want to give him the best blowjob ever and have him begging for more then our tips on giving head will help.

Our tips on giving head focus on techniques, what they are, and how to use them. The first thing you need to remember is that the male genital area is extremely sensitive to pain so you need to be gentle. Take things slowly and start by kissing your partnerГ­s face and lips before gradually moving down his body towards his penis. This builds up the anticipation for what is to come.

In order to stimulate the penis with your mouth you should use both your lips and your tongue. Licking along the shaft of the penis, explore its shape, and donГ­t forget to tease the tip.

The Areas to Explore

You may be surprised by this heading but believe it or not when it comes to tips on giving head, I just couldnГ­t leave this one out. The male penis has a number of different areas that your should explore when giving a blowjob.

Start at the tip of the penis where the opening is and then move your tongue slowly around to the underside of the head where the glans joins the shaft. Flicking your tongue slowly back and forth here will really get your partner going. Next you move down the shaft of the penis kissing, licking, and stroking, all the way to his testicles, which you can also suck gently on or play with them with your tongue.

Providing the Greatest Pleasure

When it comes to tips on giving head, providing the greatest pleasure has to be your main priority. The best way to do this is to kneel between your partnerГ­s

legs as this allows you to have full control.

One of the simplest techniques is sliding and this is where you move your mouth up and down on his penis. There are a number of variations to sliding but the one that works best is to take the head of the penis in your mouth and then begin sucking on it whilst tickling it with your tongue at the same time.

Then slowly move your lips up and down the shaft of the penis sucking and pressing with your lips and tongue. When you are comfortable with this you can speed things up a little sliding faster and taking more of the penis into your mouth. When you are sliding back up the penis you should continue sucking.

Another technique for performing a blowjob is to begin licking upwards from the testicles to the top of the penis just as you would a lollypop. When you notice that your partner is ready to come you should place your thumb at the base of the penis. This blocks the tube through which the sperm spurts and helps to heighten his orgasm.

Whilst you are doing this you should also be sucking vigorously on the head of his penis. Using this technique makes you partnerГ­s orgasm a lot more powerful and intense and it lasts much longer.

There are a number of other things that you can do whilst you are giving your partner head and these include playing with his bottom which is a very sensitive area and his testicles.

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