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Tips on how to give oral

tips on how to give oral


Best Answer: If you are serious here are some tips I use to give my boyfriend a bl0wjob. So far, he hasn't had any complaints. And, by the way, what's good for the gander is good for the goose. I hope your boyfriend will repay you the favor after you are done.

The very first thing, and the very biggest thing, is to be into it. Sounds like you are so it shouldn't be a problem. Enjoy what you are doing, and be excited about it. Everyone wants to think that the things that turn them on turn other people on too. The wrong way would be to give the guy the idea that you don’t like to do it, then he feels like it is bad, or dirty, and no one likes that kind of judgment.

Just before you start, put on a fresh coat of lipstick, let your guy watch you do this. Have his pants down by his ankles with him ready to go, and then stop to put on lipstick. The anticipation kills him.

Get down on your knees in front of him, whether he is standing or sitting – unless you are in a car or something that would prevent that. Every guy LOVES seeing their girl on her knees for them. It is a much bigger turn on than him laying down with you on top.

Get him warmed up by rubbing him over and between your boobs, while you tell him how excited you are to be doing what you are doing and how much you are looking forward to what is coming next. You can also use your hair brushed lightly over him.

I start with his balls. Softly run your nails over them. Lick them, and suck one and then the other into your mouth and flick your tongue over it. once when you are getting started, and then later when you need to take a bit of a break from the “main event;” be gentle. Keep them cupped in your hand after you have moved on to other things, and softly kneed them, be gentle, and don’t tug.

I am sure that a soft tongue feels wonderful on a genital. Lick up and down, and make sure to lick the underside, and top of the tip. get everything nice and wet before it even goes inside your mouth.


you are ready to take it inside the first time, close your lips softly, and push them against him so that he pushes your lips open around him as he slides inside. It reminds him of pushing in other lips.

As you get started on the main event, ask him to hold your hair out of your face. This serves two purposes – first it keeps your hair out of your face, and mouth (always a good thing) and it gives him permission to put his hands on your head and provide you with some guidance (which most guys are unfortunately too timid to provide without permission). Be prepared that he will start to guide your head with his hands – and that is a good thing, he knows what he likes best – and that as he becomes more and more excited, he will provide more and more guidance. follow his lead unless it gets painful for you. TRUST me – guys – all guys, even the ones who don’t want to, LOVE that.

When you take him into your mouth, hold him inside and hum softly while he is pressed into your throat.

Try to keep eye contact with your guy. It won’t be possible all of the time, but look up at him as much as is convenient for you.

There is always the question about should I swallow when he cums. Swallowing is the difference between a happy guy and a guy who brags to his friends. It is in your mouth already, it might as well slip down your throat. Personally that is my favorite part, it feels so sexy, warm, and so yummy – and guys LOVE it. Of course – they sometimes like to go other places as well – so be prepared for that, on your face, or boobs – but wherever it ends up smile, giggle and enjoy it. Remember to at least act like it is as exciting to you as it is for him. Nothing will ruin a good buzz like judgment, so don’t ruin it at this point after all this work.

Of course – like anything else make sure that you are playing safely. Use a condom if you don’t know that the guy is clean. On the plus side, there is NO way that you can get pregnant from it.


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