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5 Easy Tips On How To Quickly Grow A Large Following On Pinterest


Regardless of what you might hear. Pinterest is one platform you should not sleep on. With over 72.8 million users, over 85% of them being female, it would be ludicrous to ignore placing Pinterest into your social media strategy. Our social media agency knows what you need to do to make your brand pinteresting, but we recognize that you might not have the time or the bandwidth to do so. Not to worry, as we’ve incorporate five easy tips that will show you how to grow your Pinterest following, without having to spend too much time on it.

Here’s how you can increase your visibility on the platform through a solid and efficient Pinterest strategy, that will save you time while still boosting engagement.

Schedule Out Pins, Lots of Them

It’s not a well-kept secret that you should be posted regularly and often, but what if you don’t have the time? Scheduling out pins will solve this problem, allowing you to increase both the quality and quantity of posts. How much should you schedule? At least

one to two pins on three of your boards appear to the general consensus among marketers.

This is especially crucial on the weekend. Just because your team is out of the office doesn’t mean your consumers have to suffer. Keep them entertained 24/7, schedule out your pins!

Keep It Short

If you think you’re busy, so are the site’s users. The average time a consumer spends on Pinterest per month is 98 minutes. That’s a little over an hour and a half per month to grab and keep someone’s attention. Coupled with the fact that 75% of Pinterest usage occurs on mobile and you have a large amount of people casually accessing the platform, without too much of an investment.

With that in mind, keep your descriptions short. A lengthy, long-winded description will possibly turn viewers away, while a short, concise one will be easier for them to consume. If you want to optimize your pins as much as possible, descriptions around 100-200 characters works best, so when in doubt, don’t draw it out.

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