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15 Hacks, Tips and Tricks On How To Grow Out Natural Black Hair

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 by Jessica Booth

Waiting for your hair to grow has to be one of the most painstaking things ever. First of all, it takes forever. Second, you’re usually so focused on how slow it’s taking that you don’t even realize when it has actually happened, which is kind of annoying.

Gurl writer Ashley tells me that it takes even longer for natural black hair to grow out, than, say, my hair. Natural black hair is more prone to breakage, meaning that growing it out takes a lot of time and patience, because all of your hard work can so easily be undone. The basics to growing out natural hair include keeping your

hair healthy, preventing breakage, and then retaining the growth that’s happening. But how do you do all of that. Here are 15 hacks, tips and tricks on how to grow out natural black hair. 

1. First, make sure you’re following all the tips to keep your hair healthy. Unhealthy hair will definitely not grow as fast, if at all. 

2. Prevent breakage, because that’s one of the number one things that will keep your hair from growing. 

6. You can also try to take different kinds of vitamins. 

7. Remember: growth takes time! Be patient! 

8. Follow these 10 basic tips – deep conditioning and avoiding heat are important, because keeping hair moisturized will prevent breakage. 

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