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Tips on how to grow long hair


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The number one question that I receive through the AskKaren column is how to make hair grow faster.

Many people write to tell me they are in a hair growing hurry because they are getting married, going to a Prom, meeting the future in-laws or fill in the blanks.

They want me to advise them how to grow their hair from short to long in a matter of just weeks.

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As many of you know, I'm going to tell you the truth, as I know it, about

hair. So the answer to "instant hair growth" is that there isn't any.

There is no magic bullet. If you want to go from a short Bob to long flowing locks instantly than you do have some options, but depending on a variety of factors, they may be limited. Your best bet for overnight long hair is to consider hair extensions. clip on ponytails or long wigs.

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Yes, there are lots of things that can maximize the potential of your hair growing cycle but it is absolute folly to imagine that you can go to bed one night with shoulder length hair and the next day wake up with a new inch of growth.

There are some people like Crystal Gayle who obviously grow hair at a much faster rate than the average human soul. However, she's definitely the exception and not the rule.

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