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Tips on how to grow your hair long fast

tips on how to grow your hair long fast

First off, make sure you use a really awesome heat protectant before you use any heat tools on your hair! I see alot of hair gurus on youtube using a Tresemme one, so you could try that brand. The one they use has red writing on it, so check it out!

Try not to keep any heat tools on your hair for too long, and don't use heat on your ends. NEVER EVER blow dry. I read that it does 2x the damage as a straightener, so it's like straightening your hair TWICE :O

Drink lots of water and eat healthy all the time! It really helps your hair! Also check out biotin pills. They make your skin clear, and also make your hair and nails grow CRAZY fast! (Haven't tried it, personally, but i've heard incredible things!)

Don't stress, and keep a positive attitude. If you think optimistically, it will not only boost your self-esteem, but it will fight back grey hair. Yes, teens can get greys, too! Stress does that :/

Don't dye your hair. Just don't.

Use horse shampoo!

Yeah, I know. WEIRD. But it really helps some people grow

their hair fast and thick. I used Mane 'n' Tail conditioner AND 'poo, but it didn't do anything for me :P

Use a nice oil. Some people use almond oil, or coconut oil, or jojoba oil. I use moraccan argan oil. It smells AMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZINGGGGGGGGG! I could DIE! Just put ONE DROP on your hair every night and when you get out of the shower. It makes your hair smell delicious and it feels INCREDIBLY soft. I'm not sure if it's true, but I heard that it is legit 2x healthier for your hair than olive OR almond oil!

Try looking up ways to make your hair straight without heat. In the meantime, use a smoothing treatment as well as a heat protectant.

#1 rule: GIVE IT TIME! I'm still growing out my hair from a pixie cut/bob I had last year. It's now almost at my armpits :)

Edit: Ah, yes, I almost forgot. ) You need to get your hair cut every 6 months or so. If you don't, your ends will split all the way up your hair shaft and it will ALL be ruined.

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