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Tips on how to grow your nails

tips on how to grow your nails

Try this method. FIrst get a clean manicure, at a salon or do it yourself. Making sure all the rough edges are smooth, buffed and clean.

Then purchase a bunch of small nail files and some small bottles of hand lotion. You could even buy small empty bottles and pour the lotion into them, but they have to be completely sealed and fit anywhere, like your shoulder bag, clutch purse.

Never shake the bottle of nail varnish up and down, always roll the bottle between your hands. Most good nail varnishes are flammable liquids, if you shake the bottle up and down you may see bubbles in the bottle, these bubbles are the flammable vapor wiaiting to excape the bottle, whihc may be transferred onto your nails and thus bubble dry and crack.

Then start using a base coat, 2 coats of your favorite color and a strong top coat like those Sally Hansen has with diamond strengher. If your nails go past your fingertips, polish the tips first then apply the color coats and top coat. Make usre you dry each coat thoughly between applications so they seal together.

Place the nail files everywhere

you are, like in every room you plan to use, kitchen, bathroom, vanity, bedroom, etc. Place a nail file and lotion bottle in every bag you own so you don't have to transfer nail file and lotion bottle, place a lotion and nail file in your car, at work. Whenever you feel a snag or rough edge on a nail, then you can file it clean and use the lotion to condition the skin and nails.Use the lotion frequently during the day.

Also buy a cuticle brush and brush your cuticles daliy, push them back after using nail or cuticle oil, never cut them, gently push them back and rub the oil in throuighly.

Drink plenty of milk and cheese as these will help nail and even hair growth. AS your nails grow longer and more gorgeous always remeber to paint the tips of the nail first then apply the nail varnish in three straight brush strokes, with holding the brush parallel to the nail, not pointed down. I like to use the middle, and then one side and then the other side so they overlap and avoid painting the cuticle.

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