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How To Hang Pictures

tips on how to hang pictures

To arrange and hang your pictures, one of the first things you need to do is to make sure you have all the right equipment. You need a measuring tape, a pencil, a picture wire, some good fixings, and this is a little bit of a trade secret, a white tack. It's like blue tacks except that it's white.

When you put your pictures up and they're all hung, put a little bit of this in the bottom two corners of your picture and that's what keeps them in place. So, that's a great way of making sure your pictures don't shift once you've hung them up. Hallways are great places to put a collection of similar themed pictures.

To provide a cohesive look for the hallway is go to a frame shop with all the different pictures and work with a framer on choosing the mounts for each one. You can have a black and silver mount, a cream colour with a bit of a pencil edge, a thicker pencil edge, but keep a cohesive tone and within a kind of idea. When it comes to grouping, start with the biggest picture and put it pretty much in the center of the whole arrangement.

Before actually putting anything on the wall, measure out the wall from one end right to the other and measure the height where you're going to put any pictures and measured it to the ceiling. In the living room, cure the furniture away, have an area which represented that space, take all your pictures and lay them out on the floor starting with the biggest picture and then arrange all the other pictures around it until you're happy with the way they looked. Do a little

sketch on a piece of paper that would say which pictures go where and measure the distances.

Leave eye space between your pictures to give your pictures a bit of a breathing room. Go back to your wall, take a pencil and measure out on the wall the equivalent on what your sketch was and put little marks at the top wherever each of the pictures needed to go. Just take your finger, put it behind, find the loop and area where that looks right.

Then, you put a little x on the wall and that's where you put your hook. Then, you put your picture and shift it a little bit if it is slightly off and then you put the white tack underneath, press them into place and it's actually a very quick way to hang pictures. This is a good way of doing a collection of something that has a certain theme and adds a lot of interest to a narrow hallway.

It's quite important to make sure that the images are kind of related to each other and don't look like they are looking away from the centers. Now, how do you hang a big oil painting? Choose to center it over a sofa rather than on the wall. The sofa isn't exactly centralized on the wall so just centralize the picture over the sofa.

The other thing is that you want to keep the center bit of the picture approximately eye level. That is the mistake that a lot of people make, they put the pictures too high on the wall, and so make sure they're more at eye level. So, those are a few hints and tips on how to arrange and hang pictures.

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