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How To Have A Baby Naturally

For most couples, having a baby is a sensationally exciting experience that they look forward to with great anticipation. However, the excitement and enthusiasm soon turns into worry and anxiety when a couple begins to experience problems in trying to conceive.

If you are one among those couples, you need not panic right away. It is a fact that most couples have some sort of a niggling problem or delay before they actually know how to get pregnant. Your best friend when it comes to figuring out how to have a baby is information.

You are on the right track if you are reading this article and other similar sources of information as it is information that will allow you to correct your mistakes or take that extra step in helping you conceive easily.

Below, you will find some tips and pointers that might give you crucial information about how to have a baby .

  • First tip on How to have a baby – Watch your exercise woman

If the woman happens to be fitness freak with an above average level of physical activity, she could be ruining her chances with the baby conception process. Studies have shown that excessive exercising can lead to menstruation cycles where no ovulation occurs. It can also result in something called a luteal phase deficiency where a woman’s second half of the menstruation cycle is simply not long enough to fertilize an egg.

  • Second tip on How to have a baby – Quality of sex

Never make sex a chore that you just have to go through in order to have the baby. Sex has to enjoyable and spontaneous and it is the reason why so many couples seem to get pregnant when they are not even trying for it. Don’t ever have sex at a very particular designated time. Instead, try to spice things up in the bedroom and have sex spontaneously. Also, don’t overdo it. A 24-48 hour gap is a good gap as it will allow a man to build up a good amount of sperm count between intercourses.

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  • Third tip on How to have a baby – No bathroom trips after sex

Another very simple tip is that the woman should stay in bed for at least a few minutes after sex as walking to the bathroom immediately after intercourse will put gravity working against your conception efforts.

  • Fourth tip on How to have a baby – One ovary? Don’t worry about it

Don’t be worried if you have only one functioning ovary as scientific studies have shown that your chances of conception are not at all affected if you have just one functioning ovary.

  • Fifth tip on How to have a baby – Loose underwear

Men are advised to wear boxers instead of briefs as it has been proven that it will help increase sperm count over time.

  • Sixth tip on How to have a baby – No crazy diets

The worst thing a woman can do before getting pregnant is to go on some sort of special diet. There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to a recommended diet. Bad suggestions when it comes to conception favorable diets are binge eating, yo-yo diets, purging and even starvation diets! Avoid these so called special conception diets and follow a diet that is recommended by your doctor.

Does your male partner spend a lot of time on the cycling machine at the gym? This could be a source of your conception problem as medical studies have showed that constant pressure against the groin can affect arteries and nerves that will in turn have an effect on

sperm count levels.

  • Eighth tip on How to have a baby – Help the doctor get your pregnant

It is very important that you have a preconception checkup before you begin your efforts to conceive a baby. The most common culprit that is diagnosed in a preconception checkup is a pelvic inflammatory infection which affects an average of about 1 million women every year, in the US alone.

  • Ninth tip on How to have a baby – Don’t overdo the planning

Do not try to be too anxious about finding your exact date of ovulation. It will make things mechanical. Instead, if you have sex every other day or once every three days. you will still have the same chances without the stress and anxiety that is related to constantly checking ovulation symptoms such as body temperatures or cervical mucus production. The natural way is often the best way to become pregnant.

  • Tenth tip on How to have a baby – Using the right equipment and technique to measure body temperature

Though the above tip suggests that you don’t use a thermometer to monitor body temperature, some couples with fertility problems will have no choice but to be very careful and check body temperature to plan their lovemaking efforts. Use a digital thermometer for such readings and try not to eat or drink anything before you take your temperature to get an accurate and true reading.

  • Eleventh tip on How to have a baby – Men with low sperm count

If the man has a low sperm count, he will need more time than the average man to build up his sperm count after intercourse. However, waiting too long will also have an adverse effect. Some couples wait about 10 days or so with the wrong notion that it will be ample time to build up a good sperm count. However, if a man does not have sex for about 7 days, it has been shown that fertility levels decrease.

  • Twefth tip on How to have a baby – Things to avoid in your diet

You will have to make changes to your diet if you want to become pregnant without any delays. Avoid caffeine, soda and any kind of junk food and definitely stay away from cigarettes and alcohol. Include about .5mg of folic acid in your diet ever day, for about 3-4 months before the conception date.

  • Thirteenth tip on How to have a baby – Vitamins, vitamins and more vitamins

Ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins that will boost your chances of conception. He will most probably prescribe you over the counter vitamin supplements that will greatly increase your chances of having a baby.

  • Fourteenth tip on How to have a baby – Free your mind

Another tip that a lot of women are unaware of is that the mind needs to be relaxed to increase the chances of conception. Stress, depression and anxiety can reduce your chances of conception even if you are physically capable to have a baby.

  • Fifteenth tip on How to have a baby – Sex in the morning

Medical studies have also shown that sperm count is highest in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Sex in the morning can also be a great way to begin your day.

  • Sixteenth tip on How to have a baby – Sexual positions

When it comes to sexual positions, the traditional missionary style is the best choice as it will provide the sperm the easiest path of resistance. You can also use a pillow under the woman’s hip to increase chances of conception with a missionary position.

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