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How to Have a Boy Following These 94% Success Rate Tips

How to Have a Boy Following These 94% Success Rate Tips

If you want to know how to have a boy your at the right place. You don’t need to worry how to have a boy with all the methods available that you can find in the internet today. But for a full and detailed information I always recommending reading the “Prince or Princes Guide ” it has the by far the best information when it comes to gender selection and planning your baby.  You will notice that if you research online some of the articles contradict each other but the main point is, do your research and consider the source. Alicia Pennington is an expert in this field and that is why I recommend her book to anyone who wants to learn how to have a boy. There are many methods to have a boy including scientific and natural methods .

Below are just a few tips on how to have a boy through scientific and natural methods:

  • Abstain from sex. couples are advised to abstain from sexual intercourse 4days before the woman ovulates. It is to avoid girl conception which is not what we are trying to bring out here. You can have sex during these days but with the use of some protection such as condoms. You don’t want to ruin the plan of how to have a boy, right? Sexual intercourse should be done at the exact time of ovulation or within the 12 hour ovulation period and sex should be done once preferably during this time. If partners should decide to engage in sex after, the use of condoms should be followed and in the next coming days.
  • Record your ovulation. women find it difficult to determine the time they ovulate. Others are not even aware of it until such time that they need to know it.

    Since ovulation plays a very vital role of how to have a boy, it is also important for women to know their time of ovulation. This is not a quick process and you may need some help from ovulation detector kits which you can find at any drugstores in your area. Using the saliva or urine to test your ovulation, it is very convenient to use. You must record the exact hour of your ovulation at least three cycles to get you acquainted with it and until you are confident enough to know the exact time when you ovulate.

  • Use deep penetration sexual position. partners should also consider using a deep penetration sexual position to have a higher percentage of how to have a boy. By using this kind of method, you are helping out the short-lived boy sperm to reach the egg first since you give the boy sperm a short distance trip. Using this sexual position means when the man ejaculates, the sperm is deposited very close to the cervix of the woman which is close enough from the egg. Once the egg is drop off, the boy sperm has a big advantage to reach the egg first since he is a fast swimmer than the girl sperm which helps maximizing the chance of how to have a boy.

If you want to learn how to have a boy can get a full and detailed ebook instantly just download the “Prince or Princess Guide ” you can have a boy effectively and successfully using simple and natural methods. By abstaining from sex for a time to preserve sperm count, determining the exact time of your ovulation and using the deep penetration sexual position, you get a very high chance of conceiving a boy. These methods are proven effective and have a high rate success for people looking to have a boy .

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