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8 Simple Tips For Clear Skin

tips on how to have clear skin

Getting clear and blemish free skin is one of the top priorities for girls who are conscious about the way they look. Clear skin means spending less time on everyday make-up, and also using minimal number of products on the face. Of course, make-up can help you fake that clear-skin look, but why not have good skin in the first place? Still wondering ‘how can I get clear skin’? Fret not, and read on!

Home remedies for clear skin:

The below tips will tell you in detail how to get clear skin without any marks, blemishes, etc from the face:

1. Skin Exposure to Bacteria:

2. Water :

Drink lots of water. It will flush out all the toxins and helps maintain skin’s hydration level from within. This will help you get clear, glowing skin from within. This is a clear skin secret that works for everyone!

3. Balanced Diet :

Speaking of tips to get clear skin, its time to talk about the diet. Balanced diet plays a vital role in achieving clear skin. Include fresh fruits/ juices in your diet, green leafy vegetables and

Proper cleansing is important. Use a mild, soap-free cleanser for your skin type, and wash your face not more than twice a day. Getting over-zealous about cleansing (i.e. washing more than twice a day) will strip the skin of essential natural moisture, and the sebaceous glands will go into ‘over-production’ mode, resulting in excess oil on the skin.

5. Clean Makeup Brush :

Clean your make-up brushes at least once every two weeks. Bacteria breed on moist areas, and brushes which come in regular contact with liquid/ creamy make-up products, such as foundation brush, lip-brush, etc. are potential

breeding grounds for bacteria. These need to be cleansed every week, preferably. Brushes which are less frequently used, or used with dry make-up products, can be cleansed every two weeks. Wash brushes with regular shampoo and conditioner, and leave them to dry over-night.

6. Tea Tree Oil:

If you have active acne, dab a drop of tea tree oil on a cotton bud or q-tip, and gently apply the tea-tree oil on the affected parts 2-3 times in a day. Tea-tree oil will help shrink the acne effectively, and keep the marks at bay!

7. Lemon juice :

Lemon juice can be the best answer to ‘how can I get clear skin’. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice on your face masks, or directly apply lemon juice on areas with marks (not active pimples) to reduce their pigmentation levels. Gradually, the marks will lighten, since lemon is a natural bleaching agent. Do not leave lemon on the face for more than 10 minutes. Also, experiencing mild tingling sensation on the face is normal while lemon is still on the face. But if you face a lot of discomfort, you may skip it.

8. Makeup Removal :

Remove make-up properly before going to bed. Our skin regenerates and repairs itself while we’re sleeping, so it is important to remove all makeup from the skin before sleeping. If you don’t, you’ll end up with clogged pores and break-outs eventually. Use olive oil or any other make-up remover to remove all traces of make-up from the face.

Following the above tips will ensure that you get clear, glowing skin in a few weeks! Any other queries, leave us a comment and we will get back to you!

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