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Tips on how to improve handwriting

tips on how to improve handwriting

How to Improve Handwriting

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How To Improve Your Handwriting

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Handwriting: Learning Lower-Case Letters

Nan Jay Barchowsky

Nan Jay Barchowsky has worked for many years to help people of all ages to gain legible, rapid handwriting. Nan has conducted workshops for adults throughout the United States and in Mexico. She tutors, teaches in elementary classrooms, and is a consultant for schools. Nan publishes handwriting materials for beginners, older students and adults. Unique among the publications is a CD-ROM that allows you to print out practice sheets, and to edit them so one practices with text that relates to the individual. That makes practice entertaining!


Nan Jay Barchowsky: Hi, I am Nan Jay Barchowsky, a Handwriting Specialist and I am here to help you improve your handwriting. You are here probably because you are unhappy with your handwriting. We are going to examine how to setup a good place to practice. We are going to talk about the tools that you will be using, which actually are nothing more than your choice of pens or pencils and paper; the kind of paper that you will like.

The first thing that I wanted to really impress you with is the fact that whatever problems you have with your handwriting is very unlikely that it is your fault. Its probably the way you were taught when you were in school and what happens in most schools is that the teacher focuses on the letters and the numbers, their shapes, but they fail to tell you or to teach you how to actually achieve those shapes and to achieve them so that they will eventually become flowing fluent characters. By characters of course I mean letters and numerals.


the basics of handwriting and you can improve your handwriting, you can fix it, you can do whatever you want to with it. I have devoted the last 35 plus years to the improvement of handwriting. I have taught adults and I have taught children. I have published a handwriting instruction manuals and I have written for various publications on the subject of handwriting.

Now, we will go to the setup that you will need for your handwriting practice.

how to download it by selvakrishna03 at 02/11/13 05:26AM Flag

use getflv to download it

Thank you very much! by romeual at 02/08/13 02:58AM Flag

For medical reasons, I must to use some psichiatrich (sorry spelling; I'm from Brazil) that cause my handwriting to be very ugly and even inintelligible. It's very painful to me, yet more when there are someone seeing what I'm writing. Your method allows me regain the control and confidence when I need write something, and the great pleasure of design beautiful letters, a form of skill that sadly is disappearing in our times and our part of world. Thanks again, Jay, you're Internet in it's bette

Hetal Shah by Hetalshah at 04/26/12 10:54PM Flag

Dear Nan Jay Barckowsky, Thank you very much for taking the time to help me improving my hand writing. It was really awesome way to teach and very clearly understood.

Thank You! by LisNelsonSmith at 04/24/12 05:07PM Flag

Nan Jay Barchowsky's video series shows with accuracy and beautiful simplicity how to achieve fast and legible handwriting. She focuses on essential handwriting elements, including rhythmic movement. Understanding and practicing the principles she describes will free anyone to be more confident and successful in handwriting. Thank you, Nan and!

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