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Tips on how to improve sex

Hang Pham

October 27, 2014 Hang Pham


Sex is known as a necessary spicy for love. If you want to maintain your relationship well, your sex life must grow and renew because you will get boring with sex if it is going on the same things in a year. Actually, there are many simple ways to connect your sex life and improve it that you may ignore or do not concern about. As a result, has released a writing of top 28 tips on how to improve sex life that every couple should visit. The secrets revealed in this article are very valuable for your relationship, which may break in a near future time if you do not have a proper solution to maintain and beautify it.

Tips On How To Improve Sex Life For Men & Women

How to improve sex life for parents is a big question for almost of the couples after they get married and have kids. In this writing, you may come across some familiar ideas but really effective to freshen your love life. Try to apply the following methods; your sex life will be more dreamy and exciting.

1. Talk With Your Partner 

Talking about sex is one of the most difficulties that many couples are finding out. Meanwhile, talking is a key to express the feelings, wishes, and the problems about sex. Having a good communication  is the best solution to resolve sex issues and improve your sex life and your relationship. Talking regularly about sex will help you identify that sex is an essential part of the marriage and you cannot live happily together if sex life is boring or dead as the time passes. However, this is a big problem for some couples because they are shy or embarrassed about the subject. In this case, you should write down, chat through the computer, or turn on the lights by talking with your partner in the dark. Of course, you do

not need to talk about sex at the beginning of the conversation if you are a shy person, just a talk about your children, some special events, parties, etc. In these talks, you can change or focus on the sex secretly. You must be ready for this decision if you do not want it to get worse.

  • Talk about your wishes or hopes in sex life. No one can forbid your ambition in life and you may talk about your imaginative things about sex with your partner. Figure out what you want from your husband or your wife to have a better sex life. Assuredly, you will get the result if you do have effort in this. You may need help of some tools such as videos, magazines, books, or Internet. Telling your ideas is one of the most effectual tips how to improve sex life quickly.
  • If you have a list of most-wanted things, your partner also needs to have a list of the most preferable things for cool sex life. You need to have the same question as he or she asks you before, write down and let give you the answer. Importantly, both of you have to be serious in this issue and talk openly with each other. By the way, you will understand more about your partner and get how to improve your love by your way.

2. Choose The Right Time 

As written above, talking cannot be ignored if you want to improve sex life. But talking about sex is not casual. You cannot talk about this sensitive affair at any time at any place. Choose the right time to talk with your partner such as the bed time or the private time in somewhere. Certainly, you cannot talk about lovemaking when some sexual problems are not answered.

When talking about sex, try to send the specific messages to your partner. Focus on the most desirable things you will do with your lover in an appropriate time.

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