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How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

tips on how to increase your vertical

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Whether you're a regular on the basketball court and looking to improve your performance or you just want to reach new highs on your vertical jump, incorporate exercises into your workout that'll help increase your vertical jump. In doing so, you'll get the secondary benefits of explosive power, better leg strength and improved neuromuscular coordination.

jumping basics

First, let's define what jumping really is: power. And what is power? Power is the rate at which work can be performed.

There are a few different ways you can go about increasing the amount of power you’re able to generate. First, increase your force output; second, increase the distance over which you are applying the force over (while keeping force and time constant); third, decrease the time over which the movement is performed. If you can do one of these more effectively than before, you will see an increase in your vertical jump.

So, in order to increase your vertical jump, here are some training factors you need to know.

Quad strength

The best way to work on your quad strength is through squat exercises since this movement is similar to jumping. So, before doing any other training,

get yourself onto the squat machine.

When performing the squat action, you'll want to go down as low as possible to increase glute activation, which is a large muscle involved in propulsion.

To increase your vertical jump even further, perform single-leg squats. Since performing a vertical jump usually requires jumping off one leg, single-leg squats are even more movement-specific, and will help build the required strength.

You should be able to squat about 1.5 times your body weight — if not two times. Once you can do that, you stand a good chance at increasing your vertical jump.

Finally, when squatting, think about pushing yourself upward as fast as possible after the lowering phase. This will work more of your fast-twitch muscles, which will help on that upward exploding phase of the vertical jump.

Calf strength

Your calf muscles perform that final propulsion into the air, so they need to be trained.

To increase their strength, do calf raises off a step; this will increase the muscle’s range of motion. To develop maximum power when springing off the ground, the greater the range of motion, the better.

More ways to work your quads to increase your vertical jump…

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