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4 Tips On How To Plan A Date With A Girlfriend

tips on how to keep a girlfriend

Keep these 4 tips in mind when thinking about how to plan a date with a girlfriend

How To Plan A Date With A Girlfriend

When we head out on a date with a girlfriend, we usually have a structure to follow.

We follow a structure because our experience has shown that this is the easiest way to keep a good thing going strong. It helps us enjoy ourselves and her much easier. And it helps her enjoy herself and us much easier.

Everybody wins.

These 4 tips are ideal for girlfriends. If you’ve just started dating, these tips are good, but you’ll need to adjust a bit.

And to avoid any confusion, when we say “girlfriend” here at DateMasters, we’re talking about a declared, mutually exclusive girlfriend … Definitely NOT just any random girl we’re going on a date with. We recommend guys not let a girl become your girlfriend until you’ve dated her at least 3 or 4 months and she’s shown no red flags. We only want the very best.

So now that we have that clear, here’s are some tips we recommend for a date with your girlfriend.

  • First, the basic structure for most great date with the girlfriend is based on an activity. This means planning something fun, active and easy-to-do. Anything that has her moving around and preferably taking her aggression out on something by hitting it is great. Classic examples are ping-pong, wack-a-mole, billiards, tennis or frisbee. The more her blood get pumping, the better.
  • Next, have a meal. We like to go out, but cooking at home is good too. In general, keep meal budgets economical. If she’s a clever girl with a good attitude, she’ll want the two of you to be using your money wisely on your relationship – not squandering it on bajillion year old wine and amphibious French delicacies. Of course, for special occasions every now and

    then a fancy meal is ok… But that’s only after she’s proven her worth as a girlfriend by bringing a great attitude to the table while also pitching in over the course of the preceding months while dating. And if she’s a good girl then sometimes she’ll want to spend her money on a fancy meal for the guy she likes so much (you). That’s always fine.

  • Third, we have a quick note on weekdays versus weekends – For weekend dates, we usually let our girlfriends invite us out and have them make the plans. Weekend dates are usually more social, involve pre-planned events (fairs, concerts, private get-togethers) and are more relaxing. For weekday days, we’re usually the ones making the plan. Weekday dates are usually the two of us doing something more active, like the activities outlined above.
  • Fourth, mix it up. If this girl has what it takes to be your girlfriend, then you’ll want to keep a good thing going strong by mixing up your plans. Surprise her with your unique date ideas.If you always do activity then a meal, switch it around and try a meal first. Keep her guessing and keep her on her toes. If she is always excitedly wondering what the next date will be, perfect.

The way we train guys at DateMasters to date means that only really great women will make it into exclusive girlfriend territory. That means she will really like you, and she will honestly like you. Great date plans and strategies are wasted when a girl doesn’t really like the guy.

And when you find a good girl who you hit have a lot of chemistry with, great dating skills will let you both maximize the amount of fun and happiness you can get with each other.

Have fun and play safe.

Be Amazing.

John Robie

How To Plan A Date With A Girlfriend

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